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university bound, baby!

woohoo!!!! college is going to rock, i cant wait to get out of the house. really, both of my houses! (mom's and dad's, it's a divorce sitch). i'll finally have a place of my own! oh it was so funny the other day i was on the phone with my grandma telling her about my new bedding. so far i have black pillow cases, a black fitted sheet, and a black sheet. I also have a black blanket for the winter and a plaid grey and black blanket, too. Pretty boring, right? Not if you add my fake fur leopard and rat pillows!!! needless to say, mee-maw was astounded. "Oh, REALLY? I didn't know you could do that!" was her response to my enthusiastic bed description. i'll have to tell my roommate i'm not actually a wild child. ha. still haven't met her yet, but i should get sthg in the mail this very week with her name and number. ill call or email her right away fo sho. i really need to get my butt out of here and excersize. it's good for me physically and spiritually because i walk on my own and can pray. i've been saying to myself that i'd walk everyday this week but it just hasnt happened yet. i need to keep myself more motivated. well, there are things i have to do, people! cya

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12:55 p.m. - 2004-08-04


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