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On Monday night I went to the Underneath tour. What a soulful song that is. I don't understand why I'm depressed, although I think I have some idea of what's going on. My clue came from a website that I was reading devoted to Hanson. The writer went to four of the concerts, and once she even stayed in the same hotel that Hanson did. To make a long story short, she got to see the boys in person, at the hotel pool for about thirty minutes of her life. Afterwards she described a post-Hanson depression, which reminded me of what I experienced after having gotten Zac's autograph--and I think I'm still experiencing it, days after the meeting. She wrote that she feared she would never again have such a close encounter with the band, and that's exactly how I felt--I just couldn't think of those words. Now, I'm sure that probably sounds incredibly cheesy, but honestly ever since I left Sunset Station I have come up with at least a hundred questions on who these men really are, and what they go through. It seems like every time I think of the concert, I become extremely sad. I was a foot away from Zachary Hanson while he signed my liner notes! And the seats (well, they weren't actually seats, everybody stood up, club-style) were awesome. Erica and I were ten feet away from the band, which amazed me to no end. I kept thinking about the Albertane tour, which was their first, and how I had to have binoculars to get a good look. We had lawn seats, and my Dad drove my friend Lauren and I. After the concert we went out to IHOP and talked to some groupies. Funny thing, Erica and I went to IHOP after this time as well--and saw some groupies. Well, better go do some PoliSci hw now. L8r.

2:55 p.m. - 2004-09-06


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