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hola nobody!
what's new? seal, the basketball diaries, and varekai.
i watched titanic for the first time in years a few nights ago, so i'm in love with leonardo dicaprio again. found out he's in an old movie i've never seen called the basketball diaries. if you go to his official site, he has trailers from all the movies he's been in--the basketball diaries" trailer has seal's "crazy" in the background, and it really matches up with the trailer. man, i love trailers--i wonder if there's a job in that. they're kinda like music videos, i suppose, but almost better. i don't know what's so entertaining about a trailer. they just make me happy. what was the other thing i'm obsessing about? oh, yeah. mom says she's got a ticket for us to see varekai! woohoo! can't wait for that. cirque rocks my socks.
guess thats all.
oh, yeah. i'm sick of my friends. so intolerant.

5:28 p.m. - 2004-10-07


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