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shootin' some b ball outside of the school

took the day off today to study. i wrote two response papers and made some sociology flashcards. hope this site doesn't go down. it'd be a neat thing to be able to go back after college is all over and see all my entries and remember. still focused on the basketball diaries...I MUST SEE THAT FRIGGIN' FILM! i don't know, i've just seen the trailer about fifty times now, and it's fascinating. quite appealing, really REALLY makes me want to go rent it. but, to rent it, i need to have a blockbuster card. to have a blockbuster card, one must have a stupid credit card. why do we have credit cards anyway??? ugh. glad i don't have one--except for the fact that now i can't get a blockbuster card. but i want to purchase the basketball diaries anyway--both book and dvd. that's some good advertising, man! anyways. maybe i'll buy it and end up hating it. perhaps i'll ask the folks for it for Christmas. well, better go now. time for beddy-bie. (ugh, how juvenile!)

9:39 p.m. - 2004-10-11


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