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protagonists--ya gotta love 'em

mmm...drinking raspberry hot chocolate and listening to ashlee simpson. the chocolate is thanks to mom, music to elyse. ok, now we're listening to "Gloria", that song from Flashdance when the main character chic is trying out to be in the dance school. it's very eighties, but i have begun to like it b/c i've heard it about ten times in the past two days. music does that to me. the more i hear it, the more (usually) i like it--even with a song that i don't originally enjoy listening to, like "Gloria". anyways. reading jim carrol's "The Basketball Diaries". interesting. he's a crazy. oh well.
"If we're gonna survive, we gotta get a little bit crazy!" -Seal
(that's from the trailer)
anyhow...history is pretty interesting right now.
i want to meet jim carrol in person.
that would be cool. what a guy! somehow i can relate to both him and holden caulfield--weird b/c we're friggin' miles apart. i'm the shy goody two shoes and they're--well, they're just not. no, not at all. how can I relate to these two insane people? how? because they're protagonists, i suppose. nobody can deny the protagonist, can they? even if they worship the devil, you've got to be their buddy through it all--you're involved--you're them, almost. or if you're not them, you've felt like they have at some point in your life.

12:17 a.m. - 2004-10-28


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