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i heart avril

WOOHOO! only one final left, and i'm busying myself not studying it.
my roomie left on the 11th, the lucky duck. oh well, i get to go see switchfoot on the 15th. that will ROCK!!!!! oh did i mention i saw hoobastank the 5th? that was great--everybody was crowdsurfing and moshing. way cool. but hoobastank's lead singer never would take off his cap, he's much cuter w/o it. hey, both hoobastank and barenaked ladies are canadian. erica told me that. i like them both even more now! lol. speaking of the barenaked ladies, mom sent me a care package w/a burned copy of their new Christmas album, "Barenaked For the Holidays". ha. it's a good CD, my fav song is the one about the tiresome life of an elf. good stuff.
"I'm getting good stuff out here!"
wonder what pf is doing...

listening to: avril lavigne's first CD, aka my theme CD for the summer of 2002--the summer before my sophomore year. seriously, i listened to this CD, called "let go" probably 100 times during that summer. i remember listening to it in my grandparents' trailer in L.A. It was funny, my grandma didn't even know they had a stereo in there, and forgot to bring her cds. (they live in missouri, and grandpa had a job in CA to go do). that was the summer we went to the Orange County Fair and i bought a bamboo plant. it hasn't died, either! ...i like avril's first cd better than the second one...

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