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kidd kradick's not so silent night

went to concert alone tonight. switchfoot rocked. e and k bailed at noon today--e had a fight w/her roommate, k had a fight w/Ruthie. crazy. my friends are drama queens! ah, well. they're interesting people. i'm REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping i can see something corporate and also jimmy eat world. *please please please*
the soco tickets aren't even on sale yet b/c the show will be in february. they're coming to dallas and austin, and then there's this one day that's right after their texas gigs--a day that's "TBA", which hopefully means h-town is a possibility!
jimmy eat world (JEW) is coming jan 12. $18 plus whatever ticketmaster decides to stupidly charge. anyways i hope mom lets me go. she may get weird and insist i get a friend to go with me. c won't go b/c she'll think it's too expensive--although come to think of it, she IS a pretty big fan of JEW. we'll see.
if i did those two concerts, i would just need one more for my "three a semester" idea. i figure if i go to 3 concerts per semester, (while keeping my grades up, of course) that would be just great. I'm a newfound concert junkie! they're just so much fun. plus it's a college-y thing to do, to go to a concert. jill says she went to tons of concerts when she was une etudiante, but not so much anymore.
oooooh--e said sthg about buzzfest in april, maybe that'll be concert #3! i would looooove that. chillin' woodstock style!!! i asked her about how much tickets had been in the past, she said about $50 for lawn seats. hey--lawn is all i would need! wonder who all will come...
these bands would be really cool:
good charlotte
newfound glory
soco (although i doubt they'd get to be a buzzfest band)
perfect circle
three days grace

good grief i'm sleepy.
that's no big mystery.

listening to: a variety of stuff--
koc (kings of convenience)
kelly clarkson (she's got a cool song out, it's called "since u been gone", and don't judge a song by its title)
something corporate ("ruthless")

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