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Well, today was weird. Seriously, this was probably the weirdest day I’ve experienced (other than last Tuesday) in college so far. I found out:

-Kayla does indeed like Austin (which shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise to me, but whatever)
-Ruthie had something going w/Austin (I guess they were dating for awhile) but then they broke it off and she still has feelings for him—it’s a bit obvious although she tries hard not to make it so
-Cynthia, the former roommate of Erica, is all over Austin, too. Erica and Cynthia pretty much hate each other’s guts—Cynthia basically kicked Erica out of the apartment. I know Cynthia only vaguely, so I can’t really say anything good or bad about her. My buddy Erica doesn’t like her at all (clearly) but again, I’m not saying anything.
-Eileen, some chick I don’t even know, likes Austin, too!

Soooo…I no longer like Austin, because the competition of four other girls is just WAAAAAAY too much.

In conclusion, (gosh, that’s trite!) Kayla likes him more than I do, so go for it, girl!

Another weird thing… (okay, not so weird now that I know Kayla likes Austin) on Monday night I asked Kayla what Austin’s s/n was. She wouldn’t tell me b/c she thought “He might not want me to give out that information.” Bull shit. She knew we both had the same research paper topics, she’s just so fucking wrapped up in him that she won’t give a fellow friend his screename. I don’t know what to think of her anymore. Personally, I’m sick of it already, and it’s only been a friggin’ week. The chick doesn’t listen to anything I say, because she’s thinking of Austin. And he’s all she ever talks about. Whatever. I don’t want social stress, I don’t need it. Not here.
I hope my boyfriend is never that protective.

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