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1/2/2005 1:01 AM
Listening to Ocean Ave. again. I’m going to figure out how to burn cds on my comp again! Grrr… I just finished watching Michele and Romy’s High School Reunion or sthg like that. It has Lisa Kudrow in it, she’s fantastic. She plays a ditz that the audience loves—not at all like Goldie Hawn. I’m really not a fan of Goldie, but her daughter does incredibly in Almost Famous.
Go Kate Hudson! Woohoo!
New Year’s Resolutions! It’s never too late.
(better nate than lever…lol)

1. get a job this summer
2. get kick butt grades
3. not become too obsessed with movies
4. actually get in touch with my high school friends (one is silver and the other gold)
5. go to the JEW concert (that’s going to happen)
6. boyfriend?? Please??
7. workout by swimming and walking
8. say “no” to hanging out if you really don’t want to be there
9. pray more often
10. find a church
11. forget a certain someone (or remember him? Good grief!)
12. read Harry Potter books 4, 5, and 6 when it comes out this summer
13. figure out what the heck my major is going to be **rips hair out**
14. make it a point to talk to males
15. decide whether or not you want to spring for that xm radio or not

There. I guess that’s it. So I’ve done it! My new years resolutions for 2005. is 15 too many? Oh who cares, I’ve had more than 15 some years.

What did I do today?
-watched Happenstance and that high school reunion movie
-went to the movie theatre with mom to go see National Treasure, but it was sold out. AMC was so crowded that we had to park way over by EXPO. Like my product placement? Ha.
-I was going to walk, but that didn’t happen. It will tomorrow. Mom and I will probably see National Treasure tomorrow, too.

What did mom do?
-made this apple crisp stuff (yum! We’ve almost finished it, yikes…)
-made nice tasting stuff in the crockpot (stuff = blackeyed peas, tomatoes, some sort of delicious polish sausage, rice, etc.)
-tried to convince me to go shopping for converses. I really do want another pair of chucks, I guess it’s just the shopping phobia. I’m the opposite of a shopaholic. I’m a shopaphobic. Or would it be that I’m shopaphobic? Who knows, I just invented a word.
Inventing words is the bomb.

1:01 a.m. - 2005-01-02


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