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peanut brittle and potter

Today I did…nothing! It was wonderful. Tommorow I’m going to Lucy’s with paternal grandparents. We will have an enormous turnout at the Christmas Eve Eve family event. It shall be entertaining, I’m looking forward to it like a child awaits chocolate. Okay, maybe not that much.

I attempted peanut brittle yesterday, and burnt it ever so slightly. Ah, well! I had grandma’s help, but it was mostly me. I’ll be giving it away as gifts to uncle k and aunt and uncle j and t. I went to HEB to buy unroasted, unsalted, raw peanuts to aid my undertaking, but no such thing was in stock. My dad went later that day to Randall’s and Kroger—one of the two was fresh out, the other didn’t carry the necessary ingredient. The result was that I was forced to shell and rinse two cups of shelled, salted, roasted peanuts. It didn’t take as long as you might think, especially with Mr. Paul Simon singing to me in the background.

Just today grandma was at the grocery store and discovered that the store which had previously been out of raw peanuts now had an abundance of them. She picked up a couple of bags of them, so looks like yet more candy will be made tomorrow! I have a bad feeling about dad and grandpa—they perhaps aren’t to be trusted when it comes to having goodies around that they can’t touch, and they for sure can’t touch what I’ve made so far. That stuff is being given away, fellas.

Eeek! Am I sounding hick? Ugh. Figures.

Oh my goodness I REALLY REALLY hope I can see both SoCo and Jimmy Eat World (JEW). That would be the epidemy of exciting! You know, the other day I heard a song on the radio that I had never heard before, and I just knew it had to be JEW. Sure enough, the announcer announced that it was indeed who I thought it had to be.
Isn’t it exciting when that happens? Idk. I think so.

Today I watched the rest of The Patriot. It was lovely, and I had no idea Heath Ledger and the guy who plays Ephram on Everwood were in it. The guy who plays Snape in the Harry Potter movies is in the movie as well. Come to think of it, there were a couple of other familiar faces in that movie, but I couldn’t identify them all. Mel Gibson, of course, starred in the film. I think I appreciated this film because of what I’ve learned about the Revolutionary War in Hansen’s U.S. history. He’s really a great prof, Hansen is. He is balding, but he has a ponytail. Kayla thinks that’s sort of weird, but I honestly love it. His hair makes him unique—I’ve never seen it on anyone else, nor do I expect to. His hair is truly his, and it looks good, odd as it sounds.

“If you’d be my bodyguard, I could be your long lost pal.
I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me
You can call me Al!”

Listening to: Paul Simon, “You Can Call Me Al” off of the Graceland album
(lol, I’m calling a cd and album!)

Reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
I started it two or three summers ago and only had 8 chapters left to read when I put the book down b/c school (and marching band) started up again. This book has a whopping 37 chapters, so only 8 left is really pretty close to the end. I was wrapped up in the thing, too, I just couldn’t do school and Harry at the same time.

Long live Africa!

6:19 a.m. - 2004-12-23


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