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So here I am again. 1:37 am and listening to Coldplay, a burned copy from mom. I meant to burn tons of her stuff before I left for college, but it just never happened. She sent me a package with 2 different Coldplay cds burned and a Steve Miller Band cd. YAY! (Oh, and some food which is always nice). Anyways, I love getting stuff in the mail. You know, I havenít been to the movie theater once while Iíve been here at college, but Iíve seen so many movies b/c of my great roommate, who owns a bunch that I havenít seen on dvd. Sheís the dvd person, Iím the cd person. Woohoo.
Keepiní it real. Today I went to a study group for polisci and met with Emiliann (a junior and economics major who lives in Chaparral) to write our French skit. Should be interesting.
I just donít feel like caring about fragments today. Why should I? journals arenít graded.

ďwe never change, do we? We never learn, do we?Ē --Coldplay
Gosh thatís depressing.

Yesterday I went swimming here for the first time. Ruthie told me you can actually buy a meal at the bistro and have it count for six meals on your meal plan!!!! Less guilt, SO much less guilt. Iím going on Monday with Ruthie, Kayla, and Iím sure some other people.

Yay for bistro. Apparently they have much better food, and hey, the meal trade is great for someone like me who was a stupid freak and bought 300 meals. Ugh. Iíve only eaten fifty.
Well, signing out. Cya l8r, or sthg comme caÖ

1:37 a.m. - 2004-11-07


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