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great night, i had so much fun!

went to Leah's crib tonight with Elyse and met:
Leah's twin sister Rachel who is at TSU
Rachel's roomie
some guy name Gino who goes to UTSA
one of Leah and Rachel's older bros

it was fun! i think it was good for me to get out on a friday night like this. we played guesstures, a harry potter trivia game, and just hung out. way cool. oh yeah, and turns out Leah wants to be a flight attendant for a while, too! yay!
it really was a fun night. i had more fun tonight just hanging at girl's night in than i have had in a long time. and to think i almost didn't go! well, it wasn't completely girls night b/c Gino was there for a while, but it was still great. i didn't feel any pressure or nervousness--the boys were outnumbered. oh yeah, and i also met leah and rachel's grandfather, aka "grandy" to anyone, regardless of grandfather status. Grandy is really fun, but he didn't hang out with us really. he bought us a couple of pepperoni pizzas and breadsticks. yum. anyways, i really feel the urge to shower now.

2:18 a.m. - 2005-03-05


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