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my mom is coming tommorow to see me! yay for the weekend. elyse, joey and i are watching Cruel Intentions. fun schtuff.

listening to: colorblind

today chris hugged me. i saw him while i was going to pay off my $15 parking ticket, and there he was! we chatted a bit about music, which is his life. he doesn't really care about college or having a job, he just wants to do music. he plays the guitar. unfortunately, he lives in miami, and he'll be back there next semester. :(

i don't know if the hug was platonic or not! I'm so confused! good grief.

potential situations:
1. he's just not interested in me
2. he has a girlfriend (possibly in miami)
3. he knows he's going back to miami, and that we would have to have a long distance relationship (and who knows? he might have had a girl in miami and lost her, and doesn't want to do the whole long distance relationship thing ever again b/c he lost her)

i just wish i knew what went on in his head.

speaking of guys, R is gay! that really surprised me, but it makes sense. he said a few times "girls get to wear jewelry, guys don't! it sucks, it's a double standard."
how did i find out that he's gay? it was on his facebook profile. i hope he's having fun in college, he e-mailed me that he was. (or facebook-mailed, rather).

there's more to life than guys, right? RIGHT! thank goodness

8:11 p.m. - 2005-04-15


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