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crazy weekend, but fun

so here I am, putting off doing my homework. i came up with this in my boredom:

when the gopher hunts,
the hunt gophes.
but when we hunt the gopher,
we really gophe the hunts.

hmmm...maybe "gopher" really means "guy" and "to gophe something" is to goof it up. and "hunt", of course, retains its meaning.
or maybe its a crock of you-know-what.

oh, well. i need to curb my impatience. today mom left, unfortunately without ever meeting my roommate. today i went to la madeline with mom and had mint hot chocolate (YUM), a croissant, and an egg. yesterday we:
-went to Jason's Deli
-toured the campus
-checked her into her hotel room
-saw the movie "The Ballad of Jack and Rose"
-ended the day with a meal at ihop

so, it's been quite the weekend. i'm surprised it's not already over. i've made some polisci flashcards today, but that's about it. i need to go perfect my schiavo paper.

i suppose that's the only interesting schtuff happening at the moment. elyse is at her comp, colin is playing ps2. i am here, rambling on like an idget.

and mom filled up my tank and gave me a twenty! hooray. this truly helps me. now i have gas, laundry money, a paid parking ticket, and some left over money (about 30 bucks) for groceries and necessaries. i was so worried about money, too. but now everything is just peachy!

movies i want to see soon:
2star wars episode III
3the interpreter
4a lot like love
5the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

WHY must i see all of these movies?
1-b/c it looks awesome
2-b/c it's a star wars movie, so i MUST see it
3-captain obvious - b/c i want to BE an interpreter, and i love nicole kidman to boot
4-because the other recent ashton kutcher flick looks like it's not as good, and amanda peet is great (i'm referring to guess who)
5-because my dad and friend ross LOVE this book and say it's hysterical

mmmkay...i guess that's all, my nonexistent folks!
a tout a l'heure
tchao 7:59 pm ok, now i'm really depressed. why do i let myself get like this? i have now two goals: a. be friends with guys b. don't be jealous later... Dear, dear diary…
Listening to: Jimmy Eat World’s Futures
So, today was good. Mom got here at 11:30 am, and got a temporary parking permit. We then saw my room, went out to eat at Jason’s Deli, got gas, toured the campus, checked her into her hotel, saw The Ballad of Jack and Rose (YAY!) and then she dropped me off. It was a wild day, but very fun just the same. I’m so happy Ballad came to San Antonio! It came to the Angelica Film Center in Houston, and I figured I would miss it. But no! I did not. I’d really like to see Millions, too – but I probably will not have the money. Wonder where elyse, joey and colin are? Probably: doing sthg fun off campus, at joey’s, or at leah’s. colin is a cutie in person. I’m certainly not going for him, though. He’s for leah. Besides, chris hugged me on Friday!
Good grief. I think I am officially “boy crazy.” Oh, well. Can you really blame me? I haven’t ever been on a date, so my insanity makes perfect sense.

“’The time has come’ the walrus said, ‘to talk of many things. Of cabbages and somethings, of blah blah blahs and kings. And whether mice have blahs and whether pigs have wings.”

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