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am i unconfused? idk, i do know now that i'm waiting...

i kind of asked him out. at the end of class today, i just up and asked him, "So, do you still want to see that movie?" He then replied, "Uh, yeah." long pause. "Uh...Do you want to go see it tonight?" So i of course responded with, "Sure." Then he said he would call me later tonight. Oh, boy. Does he feel obligated? Gosh, i hope not. i just hope he didn't have anything else planned. i don't think he does, otherwise he would have said so, right? does he think this is a date, or a friendly outing? is he even the least bit interested in me? is he confused that i'm so eager to hang out with him and he barely knows me? does he know i like him? he probably does know, by now. i've probably made it painfully obvious.

i think i am now unconfused. he doesn't like me, he was just inviting me out of politeness. WHAT AM I DOING?
i seriously doubt he has any feelings for me. and hey, he's moving back to florida in a month for goodness sake. the very least i hope he leaves as a friend. i hope i am his friend and he is my friend, if that's at all possible. wow i am a messed up chick! ugh. i'll probably post later as to how my date/friendly outing went.

meanwhile, i await a ringing phone...

3:34 p.m. - 2005-04-22


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