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Kissing you makes me
Want a life with you so I
Will keep on kissing

Ew. That one was dumb.

Tongue massage my mouth
Open your eyes you win the
Prize that is my heart

Mmm…okay. That last one was just okay. Yet I wouldn’t necessarily give my heart to some guy making out with me. I guess what I’m saying is that I require more than a tongue massage in exchange for my heart, guys. This poem suggests that I’m a whore. LOL. It sounds cool, though.

Wind rushing I am
Blushing he strums, singing minds
Teeming with desire

ACK! That is the worst one yet! There is no rhythm to that poem. I am so disgusted.

Dilly dally I
Am Sally meet my Mommy
Meet her Tommy smile

The first line is stupid, but then again it provides the poem with something vital. I know now that this poem is about a girl who has a remarried mother. She is a tiny little girl, she dreams. She tells you to smile at her family situation. She is tiny, but not too tiny to understand. She wants you to understand, she invites you to be happy despite what reservations you may have.
I wonder if anyone who reads that poem could understand the intended meaning without reading all that I’ve just written about it.

Poetry how I
Love thee …

(unfinished, perhaps ever unfinished)

“Dude, do you even
Know what my major is?” She
Asked frustratedly

Oh, wow. How this applies to my life right now.

Peel poll pull appall
Water dripping off the wall
You make me feel small

Voila, another bad one. Yikes. Tonight is just not my night for haiku. It’s 2:14 am. I clearly need sleep. Goodnight.

2:14 a.m. - 2005-04-24


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