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lazy day

today has been awfully lazy. last night from about 9:30-3am i went to leah's house with joey, elyse, and colin. we watched shanghai noon, played that harry potter trivia game again (but joey hasn't read the books, so he was lost), watched:

-a little bit of fear factor
-boy meets world

...what else did we do? oh, yeah. we also baked those yummy break 'n' bake cookies. twas fun. i only have three more class days and three days of finals. after that, i'm home free! i've got to find a buyer for my new found glory tickets if i want to go home one may 12. if i don't find one, i'll either give the ticket away or just leave for home on may 16 instead. we'll see.

so, i resubmitted my appy to face (the third time around) yesterday. hopefully i'll get a reply monday or something.

oh, yeah, and i don't have to take my music final b/c i already have an A in the course! as a result, i only have 4 finals. unfortunately, though, history and polisci are on the same day.

i also got another paper back from my english prof on friday. and i didn't confront chris. i NEED to confront chris, and in a mature way. it's hard for me to be angry, though. he'll get off easy.

listening to: Coheed and Cambria, among other things that i've illegally downloaded from soulseek

watching: stephen lynch live dvd, he's some comedian

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9:40 pm, same day: wow. a lot can change in a short amount of time, can't it? i'm so glad i have good hearing. a few minutes ago, joey left with colin to walk to whataburger. but right before they left, joey went to the bathroom. elyse was sitting at her computer, and colin kneeled down beside her. i think (not SURE, i think) that he asked my roomie if it was okay if joey asked me out). AH! wow. i could sense a little flirtatiousness, but i wasn't sure. maybe he will be a second date! but i'm not so sure about elyse. if he asks me out, i don't know what i'll do...yes, i do. i will say, "maybe" and ask him "can i get back to you on that?" or something to that effect. i will then ask elyse if it's okay with her, and then decide for myself if i should date joey. then i will tell him my decision. then all will be well with the world. yay. ack! i am stressed. i can't go primp, b/c that would be much too obvious. so here i sit, waiting. wondering whether or not joey will ask me out when he returns with colin. feelings in all directions are at stake. joey-may want to ask me out, i'm not sure elyse-may be bothered by my going out with joey (even though she's with colin now) colin-may be offended if elyse isn't cool with joey asking me out, since joey broke up with elyse and now elyse is with colin i-don't want to disturb my currently silent roomie, and i want to get along with her. however, i am somewhat interested in this guy, and if joey was some outsider that nobody knew and he asked me out, i know i would say yes. but this dramatic situation remains. alas, i do not know what to do. all i know is that i DO NOT want to sacrifice an awesome roomie relationship for a tentative romantic one. i just want the four of us to be happy. i am so confused. maybe i should just leave and not come back until midnight. where would i go? i guess i could go anywhere, really. anywhere but here. then i would avoid seeing joey again tonight. i think i still have him interested. i can't let him be uninterested! he barely knows me. and what about his breakup with elyse? it happened fairly recently, really. elyse has pulled me into drama, and i actually like it. or do i? no, i don't. i am now stressed, and she is not talking to me.

5:12 p.m. - 2005-04-30


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