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i really should have studied today...and yesterday

well, i had such good intentions of getting to sleep early tonight. oh well.

listening to: the postal service's "clark gable", among other things

not much happened today, i was very unproductive. we'll see what happens on monday in english. i guess i need to confront the boy. grrr...

i'm really not mad at him at all anymore. i just don't care! i am ready to take my finals and escape this place. i am rearin' to go! hehe. hopefully i will get a check from grandma and my inspection sticker from dad tamale in the mail. that would be sweet.

i soooo need to go grocery shopping. today i ate at the UC, and to be honest with you, that was about it. the highlight of my weekend was going to a laundry party! ah, but it was fun. no complaints there.

elyse just finished a paper today on cigarette ads in newspapers and how they affect kids. cool beans.

leah and elyse saw sin city. i think i should go see it with mom if she hasn't already seen it, this was elyse's second time to go see it. apparently it was THAT good. i have other movies that i want to see right now, though. and besides, the trailer did not impress me at all. who knows, maybe i'll see it at some point and then decide that it is indeed a great film. then again, it is directed by the same dude that did kill bill/other gruesome films that i don't typically go for.

i am now downloading "tin man" by america. mmmm....

oh yeah! i found out that Hanson is playing at something called Mayfest on May 20 at 9 pm!!! it's in Tulsa. i doubt that would work out, but who knows? i would need to take three days off of work to do it - two days of travel, one of chilling and seeing my favorite boy band bros. hehehe...ALLITERATION IS YOUR FRIEND!
chances are i may not even have a job (or jobs) by may 20 anyway, and i'll still be busy hunting around for people to hire me. this job at face is looking at promising...if only it weren't for the karma thing! lol. oh, i'd take the job anyways, bad karma or not. i don't think i even believe in karma...or do i? hm. i am learning more about myself by living with elyse. i have learned that i am much more superstitious than she, and i'm not even too superstitious to begin with.

the day is young...
till next time,

janeane 6:09 pm here is something i read on Stephen Cheney's facebook profile: Christians are Aliens (5/2/04) Being a Christian is like being an alien. You're evolved from humanity and are not at home here on Earth (John 8:23, John 15:19, John 17:14, Philippians 3:20, 1 Peter 2:11). Things you understand are not understood by worldly people (John 8:43, 1 Corinthians 2:16). If the opposite of Godly is worldly, then perhaps non-Christians should simply be called "Earthlings" or "humans." When someone asks why a Christian can't marry a non-Christian, the Christian can respond by saying that it would be bestiality. CS Lewis said that men look for the next evolutionary step, but it has already been found in those in whom the Holy Spirit resides. When we are just passing through or visiting a place, we act differently from those actually living there. For one thing, we donít mistreat things, for they are not ours (a lesson that should have been learned by colonists from Native Americans), yet we are also not concerned with the long-term, for it does not pertain to us. Let us be just as concerned with global warming or pollution as with termites in a motel. The earth is disgusting anyway and God will eventually throw it in the garbage. Why clean what will be thrown away? When we are new to a place, we are unfamiliar with it and are extra friendly to those around us, knowing that we are dependent upon their assistance to guide us in what we do. We also should realize that we serve as ambassadors, constantly (voluntarily or not) reflecting the people of our homeland. For both of these reasons, we should be extra friendly to the people of Earth. Many times in the Old Testament, Mosaic Law instructs the Hebrews to include the foreigner in any ritual or festival, and as foreigners in this world, we should seek to include ourselves so as to understand the inhabitants and their culture. The things that are given us when we stay at a motel are not things that we can take with us. It would be foolish of us to establish any sort of sentimental bond with any of the items provided to us or to claim as our own any of the things that we did not already have. That is not to say that we did not already have something. Just like the things you have before staying at a motel are also the things you have after you leave, God gave us an identity in his image, a heart for his pursuit, and knowledge for his understanding. All of these things then, if the analogy can be extended, must remain with us upon leaving this temporal earth.

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