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waiting 4 mail & writing about sperm donors

i'm doing a mini-paper right now about an article in the houston chronicle. the title of the article:

"FDA: Gays cannot be anonymous sperm donors"

The article should be titled:
"The FDA Sucks"

so that's about it. i'm avoiding doing a paper. elyse is here, playing the sims 2. i can't wait until 4:30! hopefully the packages will arrive then. mom's should definitely arrive, and dad's probably will, too. and who knows? maybe i'll get grandma's check. i am really hoping for that. i will be out of here in a week! tis difficult to fathom. san antonio is such a beautiful city.

elyse is moving out on the 13th, and i leave the 12th. dad will spend the night on the 11th, and then we'll head out the next day.

okenly dokenly, that's all for now!

3:49 p.m. - 2005-05-05


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