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my life, pg? \"you gotta be kidding me!\" -sigourney weaver

My life is rated PG.
What is your life rated?

ha! my life is rated pg, eh? well, okay. maybe you're right.

sigourney weaver is the coolest chic EVAR! i can't wait until "imaginary heroes" is out on dvd. i love that movie.

PLENTY has happened since my last journal entry. alas, now all i have is dial-up (dad's dsl is down at present) to work with.

i am now moved out of chisholm and back at mom's house. she has gone to bed, so i am still up, piddling around on the internet.

i got my first ticket the night i drove home from college. more on that later, it's old news. the bottom line is this:
i owe $175 by May 31 and i need to take defensive driving to wipe that puppy off of my record.

i have retained my 3.6 gpa!!! YAHOO!!! mom and got panera takeout this evening to celebrate. we also went to hollywood video and rented "Y Tu Mama, Tambien", a very odd foreign film set in mexico. i'm not sure what the director (alfonso cuaron, who also surprisingly directed harry potter III) intended the audience to feel after seeing the film. dashing diego luna played a recent high school graduate. i must admit, the whole film was explicit--i'm surprised it earned an R rating what with all the sex and mention of it. this is definitely a film i would not allow my offspring to see. it seemed to champion sleeping around, much like young men often do. that said, it was a bit depressing. not all boys are like that!

i guess that's about all for now. yes, more has happened to me in the past few days (like i officially snagged that job at FACE), but i don't feel like going into it now.

yesterday i went home when i knew my dad wouldn't be and played around on the piano. i can stumble through the top part of "America, America", which i found in one of dad's hymnals. interesting, i didn't know that song was a hymn.


10:48 p.m. - 2005-05-18


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