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i hate living at home already

today has not been great, mom and i are seriously not getting along. i wrote a journal entry on paper, so i'll type it up on here tommorow. however right now i'm at the computer and mom is still awake. i shouldn't risk it, i can always transcribe what i've handwritten later and she will never know.

i've had some weird dreams that i can't forget to transcribe:
1. the one about the upcoming mcneely family reunion--jimmy not even hugging me when i came in, looking away--the 'inside joke' of recycle, reuse, reduce
2. the one where i'm giving mom a tour of my dorm--but it's not a dorm, it's cypress creek, and she is an alumni, only the building is cy fair, it only looks like it's cy creek (also remember there are ants upstairs but not downstairs)
3. the one that i had last night about working for a carwash business--the woman (who is probably my mom, or representative of her) whose husband has gone into walmart, my business partner has gone into walmart.....yada yada yada

so, those are 3 dreams that i still need to write down so that i don't forget them. i just don't feel like going into detail about them now, especially not that last one 'cause it's more of a nightmare than anything.

i'm going to look up "ants" in a dream dicitonary.

10:34 p.m. - 2005-05-21


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