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adam will not be the last man who will ever love me. he will not. i am a genuine, determined, good woman and i deserve a soulmate--and will have him someday. but someday is not today, so i shall have to wait for what tommorow brings! one thing that strikes me as particularly strange...i haven't had a dream (at least one that i remember) since i arrived in austin. i mean it. ZERO dreams have been had by me in the past...oh...almost two weeks. weird. i guess it's even weirder because before i got here i was having strange dreams just about every night. i enjoy my dreams, i don't have nightmares often--infact i never have nightmares. therefore i don't fear dreaming, i suppose. dreams always seem to give me some insight into what i'm feeling at the time, no matter how farfetched they are to some. and then sometimes it's mom who clues me in to what the link is between my dream and my life. she's terrific at dream interpretation--she knows quite a few of those symbols, like how water symbolizes a wave of emotion, etc. etc. crazy...a pool vs. an ocean. i've dreamt of both. i'll get my ocean again, whether it be the same or different. i hope adam is well. he has a hopeful heart. he is a good person, i think.

1:53 a.m. - 2005-09-05


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