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dear diary,
this evening i went to another home with Christians on campus. we went to jennifer and joel's house, i had never been there before. this was a much better experience, i think, than being at wai-en and what's-his-face's house. it was smaller, the couple was younger and funnier, and the food was better--fajitas, yum! we also sang for quite a while this time, which was refreshing. we prayed and shared some as well, but the prayers were a bit odd. a person would say a sentence, and no matter how short it was, the whole group would respond with a swelling "Amen" immediately afterward. this made hearing the speaker surprisingly difficult...i like it when i know exactly what i'm saying "Amen" to! anyways, the people were great and i enjoyed the evening significantly more than the last home. i hope we keep going to that house, i like it a lot!

i was dreading going tonight, though. it's funny, lately we've talked much of how as Christians, we want to be with other Christians intrinsically--people who aren't Christians think that we are somehow required to meet, when really it's just what we desire to do--we desire to be with other Christians because it helps us to keep each other in check. being with others of the same religion means we can openly discuss our spiritual life, and share our joys and difficulties in our walk with the Lord. it means we can have others relate to us, so that we don't feel so alone. it means we can worship and pray amongst our brothers and sisters, that we can come together as one to support and encourage each other to follow God.

here's the funny thing: i never seem to want to go to these meetings, to be quite honest. it's only after i attend that i'm glad that i did. i also felt that way about church anytime i went. it's good that i'm going, even though i know it's not a requirement. i figure going to church/churchlike activities is help to me simply because it gets me out of some of the negative thinking i have going on inside my pretty little head. i think i'm more positive when i'm around positive people--it rubs off! the Christians on Campus are all extremely nice, and the longer i go, the more fun i seem to have. let's see, what have i done so far?

a. Welcome Dinner plus Coco's
b. Wai-en's Home
c. Coco's
d. Jennifer and Joel's Home

so that's four (count 'em!) FOUR activities i have already attended. for me that's saying something. last year i didn't stick with the Varsity Christians at all. they helped me move my stuff in, i went to a Bible Study or two, and then that was it. good-bye youth group. i'm hoping this will stick.

i'm considering upgrading to a gold/supergold membership with diaryland. i'd enjoy putting a bit more variety into this crazy page, i do believe. it might be cool to have people actually read these words, too. (only some of them though, some of these entries are complete crap).

maybe i should major in something like film or astrology. speaking of astrology, i've become increasingly interested in what has always been my favorite planet: PLUTO. i only got two hours of sleep last night, so i'm VERY tired (and can't believe i'm still up clicking away at the keyboard). but last night i researched pluto! i know more about the universe now than i ever have before, and im enjoying it. more on pluto later, there's a lot more to it than you might initially think--it has some psychological appeal to me. my head is ready to hit the pillow at this point, though, so pluto must wait.

listening to: some weird internet techno station that calls itself "Deep House: Silky Sexy Deep House Music Direct from NY". Niiiiice. i feel like i'm in a sci fi movie, or a big apple discotheque. i want to live in ny! you know, i was thinking the other day about my life, and about how my major is french. i'm beginning to think my only real option may be to become a teacher, even though it's not exactly what i want. i may have to settle for a teaching job, but one thing's for sure--if i teach, i will live in nyc. wow. imagine me in nyc! i would do it, i swear i would! i could teach for a few years until i could afford to have a foreign exchange student come live with me. that would be fun! !

12:30 a.m. - 2005-09-10


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