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odd dream (clone videogame)

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a few days ago i read something (can't remember where) that said something like,

"People won't remember you, but they will remember the way you made them feel."

i like it, and it's oh so true.

i don't think i've told you about my freakish dream--BUT I HAD A DREAM! yay. this one was only my second memorable dream since i moved here, and it was significantly more interesting than my first one. it wasn't really a dream, though, more like a nightmare. i was trapped in a video game with cristy (read: roomie) and 7 or 8 other people who i don't know. so in this video game we each have clones--cristy, i, and the other 7 or 8 people. our goal is to kill these people before they kill us. so of course this freaks me out seeing as i have never taken anyone else's life, nor do i want to. i've never had the pleasure of trying to keep from dying. so within this videogame, we (the good team, the non-clones) live in a house. at one point we are supposed to leave the house all together to go hunt down our clones, but i protest, because i don't want to go killing people, even though they are sort of imitations of us. so there i sit, in this house, tying my shoes and everybody except this one other girl leaves for the hunt. i'm left behind, which makes me even more nervous, because they're in a group, and i am not--i just have one other chic with me. i immediately lock all the doors and try to talk some sense into this girl to make her not leave the house or unlock the doors, since the clones could come in and get us. she obeys at first, but then can't resist the temptation. i go to another part of the house, and she unlocks a door and walks out of it. i soon after realize what she has done, and stay back in case she is attacked. sure enough, two of the clones (neither one is our clone, though) appear are at the door, about to destroy her. one of them has strange, thick hair, and it grows three feet into the air in a timespan of about ten seconds. he then whips out his video game weapon (a gigantic pair of scissors) and growls something like, "i am REALLY mad, and when i get mad, my hair grows!!!" he then proceeds to viciously chop off his newly grown coiffe and is about to kill my disobedient housemate (who has just drawn her sword) when i wake up, severely confused.

WOW! i just found out there's a station called Soldier's Station Live! way cool. the description says "7/24 music and news from the US Army's Premiere Radio Station." that's neat, i'll tune into it next. i'll be hearing the same music as some soldiers out there.

turns out some soldiers out there are listening to crappy country tracks and a documentary on trumpeter swans. now i'm not quite so wowed.

i played hookie on friday. i'm seeing the dalai lama on tuesday, and i'm also going to my acl volunteer meeting tuesday as well. ma vie devient tres occupe.

i also watched most of "rory o'shea was here" on the dhfs channel. i saw that movie in the theater and cried, but when i watched it at home i was unaffected. the opposite happened when i saw titanic. i didn't cry the first few times i saw it, but then years later i popped it in the vcr and on came the tears. i guess i became more sensitive.

what did i do today?
-checked the mail
-ate a croissant sammich
-picked up some milanos

what am i going to do today after i finish writing about what i'm doing?
-read a load of english
what is it with the truth? why is the world so obsessed with obtaining it? am i obsessed with obtaining it? yes, i think i am, it's just that sometimes i don't realize it. i wonder what truth i am searching for most. if God could answer me the most burning question i had, what would that question be? and, secondly, what would His answer be?
"Light up, light up, as if you had a choice. Even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you dear. Have heart, my dear, don't be afraid." -Snow Patrol, but it might as well have been something heaven sent.

3:16 p.m. - 2005-09-18


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