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hurricane update

dad left at 5 am this morning and went 5 miles in an hour. he's in tomball napping at Jill's house for a couple of hours, but he'll get started again after that. mom is on either I-10 or I-45 (i can't remember which one) and left at 1 or 2 am. uncle keith left yesterday at 1pm and is now in Tyler. what hysteria this is. before my french conversation class got started this morning it was all we could talk about. mom told me last night to just keep watching the news, be aware of any updates. acl may not go on, which could be a good thing just because i need to study badly. i heard somebody's parents left houston at 1pm yesterday and got to austin at 2am this morning, which means it took 13 hours to go from houston to austin. that's 10 hours longer than it's supposed to be! wow.

i highly doubt andrea bullock will be going home this weekend for the homecoming game, she was trying to convince me to go on tuesday when we saw the dalai lama.

i got a package from mom yesterday, and a card from grandma and granddad. yay! they sent me 20 bucks. the day before that my Autumn Effect cd came in the mail. i like it quite a lot so far, i'm glad i decided to order it.

i REALLY need to do a few loads of laundry. REALLY.

i am so selfish. i didn't pay much attention when in was new orleans that was in trouble, but now i can't get enough news coverage. now that a hurricane is coming to where I live i suddenly care.

i find myself wishing there was someone i could share this diary with. it's not much, and i don't know who i would let read it. in one way, i'd like to have a stranger read it, and then get feedback on what they thought. at the same time, though, it seems that whenever i share something private with someone i barely know i feel terribly afterwards, as if i never should have put myself out on line so far, because people who don't know you very well don't usually care that much.
it's like when i told christy and erin about how i had a huge thing for cord. they didn't care at all. why did i hang out with those two, anyway? my mom can't figure it out. they're entertaining, i think that's why. nope, there is never a dull moment around christy and erin.

i wonder how uncle keith is doing. he has very little time off from his job, so he treasures his time much more than his money. i'm guessing he's probably feeling relieved to have a few days off of work. i hope he's enjoying himself, perhaps he's growing in God because of these few days.

someone in my class said their father (who lives 15 miles from the coast) decided not to leave. and i thought those were only the crazy people.

i wonder what adam is up to. i won't call him, of course, but i do wonder.
and shawn and hillary? hm. who knows. mom does, i'm sure, i just haven't thought to ask yet.

i had lunch with a french classmate (we have both french and french conversation together) named tamea today. she's a corporate communications major and a junior. she lived in jester on floors seven and one her first two years, but now she's off campus. she seems nice, she gave me the homework assignment that was assigned on wednesday since i slept in that day.

studying is what i need to do right now...**sobs** bye...

11:59 a.m. - 2005-09-22


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