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well, i know i really need to stop skipping class. i also need to force myself into morningpersondom. i am going to change myself out of necessity. i cannot, i repeat CANNOT keep doing this. c'est necessaire que je reussi.

acl was a blast! the weather, too, amazed with its windy beauty. I arrived and started my shift almost immediately, so i didn't see any of the morning bands. the start of the day included some stress since i needed to go to the restroom and then change in the special volunteer changing tent within about twenty-five minutes of my arrival. after i showed up on time, though, things went well and i could focus on learning my job duties. it wasn't too difficult, and certainly easier than most anything i would normally do at face. the managers were extremely friendly and helpful, and at one point i had to go call for help from one of them, and i said, "sorry". the guy said "no. don't say sorry". wow. i love cool people like that, he was great. i want to be a guy like that! speaking of guys, i spent most of my time sitting and talking with Zaid, a pakistani dude, a freshman. he seems nice, and before i left, i said goodbye and he shook my hand three (count 'em, THREE) times. so sweet.
anyways, maybe i'll see him around campus. i hope so, he's a good kid. he's actually one of those diarists for ut that writes an entry every two weeks for the website. he and five others were chosen out of a few thousand to be the writers, and i'm really looking forward to his first entry, which comes out august 29th, this thursday. it's due monday and he hasn't started on it yet. he says that once he found out he would be a writer for this thing he made sure to not read any of the other diaries, to ensure that he wouldn't copy them. he'll have a huge audience--the first day that the profiles went up, they got 85,000 clicks! i feel sort of proud to know him, and i'm excited for him. i remember reading those journals as a prospective student and hanging on their every word. here were freshmen at the university where i wanted to go, writing about their everyday experiences. here were my future classmates!
anyhow, he also said he might give a shoutout to me in his entry. i would LOVE that! i can't wait to see what he has to say about austin, it's bound to be interesting. and we talked for the better part of the shift, since it wasn't too busy, so i will be in his recent memory as he writes this entry.

good luck, zaid! it's more nice than you know to have a guy friend like you.

12:29 a.m. - 2005-09-24


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