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a letter i wrote to mom:

i'm not sure if she (that is, my roomie) will move out or not, she just said she was "seriously thinking about it". anyways, i highly doubt they would try to charge me for living alone--i'm pretty sure that if she did move out, one of the girls in supplemental housing (read: our floor study room) would replace her almost immediately. anyways, isn't there some kind of contract that we signed at the beginning that says we'll live here and pay rent for this whole year? maybe i'm wrong, somehow i doubt if she moved out now that they would make her pay rent for the rest of the year. anyways i'm not sure her moving out would be such a bad thing. she's an insomniac and lies in bed not sleeping sometimes, and then i can't sleep, either. she's nice though. it feels good to be back to work? i suppose so, as there is still a building to do it in! i've already paid the housing bill that's due on saturday. i had my literature and bio tests today. i'll also have anthropology at 2pm, an anthropology lab from 4p-6p, an astronomy study session from 6p-7p, a free speed reading course from 7p-8p, and then i will finally go home, shower, do a bit of laundry and my french conversation hw. then i will sleep! last night i couldn't, so i formed this schedule in my mind. blah, blah, blah....what's new in houston? i went to jamba juice today and they didn't have a few ingredients, as they come from houston or sthg.
okay, that's about it!
love, jo

i may also need to go see "a tout de suite" in dobie tonight. we shall see.
i need to wash my clothes in a big way.
that literature test went badly, but it wasn't anything uber new to me. bio was okay, i guess. on verra.

i just love french! last night i think i decided what i want to be when i grow up:
a french professor.
whaddaya think? on verra si j'ai l'argent pour aller a l'universite pour sept ou huit annees!

"La vie est courte, mangez le dessert d'abord."
-une phrase sur le tee-shirt de mon amie kali

12:56 p.m. - 2005-09-28


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