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always, always, always do the unique thing, even if it means procrastinating on your homework. (well, that was true last night, anyway).

i decided to go see "Reel Paradise" at Dobie and guess who was there?! The stars of the movie. They stayed afterward for a Q&A, so I saw the father (John Pierson), the mother (Janet Pierson), and the son (Wyatt Pierson). And what's more is the daughter works at Dobie!!! i'll be on the lookout for her, wyatt said she's in cooking school. oh yeah, and john is a teacher at ut! what a connected family. anyways, what an interesting experience. when i got to the theater, i noticed that they were standing outside, talking to some people. i was completely sure they were the folks, but i was much to shy to go up and talk to them. i did get the guts up to ask a question during the Q&A afterward, though. i stammered, "wh-what was your biggest culture shock or your biggest adjustment when you moved to fiji?" ha. anyways they were very nice people (only wyatt and janet stayed for the Q&A) and interesting to talk to. this is THE first time i have ever seen a film and met the people that were in it (that is, any film on the silverscreen, home movies and such don't count). what an experience! i'm so glad i went. again i have had an event in my life that i don't think i'll probably ever forget, and it's the second one since i moved here! i guess the third, if you count rita.


i'm going to borrow from buppie and make a few lists for the heckuvit.

6 things i want to do:
1. study abroad
2. make good grades
3. be happy
4. lose a LOT of weight
5. get a huge scholarship/grant or even a loan perhaps so i can study abroad
6. get my doctorate in french

6 things i CAN do:
1. procrastinate
2. order cookies
3. watch television
4. ignore people who could be potential friends
5. embarass myself with my idiot flirting style
6. speak french well

6 things i can't do:
1. whistle
2. sentence someone to death
3. go to sleep early (unless i'm extremely tired)
4. bring myself to tell my mom i failed my first bio and astrology tests
5. be outgoing
6. dive properly

6 things that (might) make me attractive to the opposite sex:
1. eyes
2. hair
3. smile
4. sweet shyness (ugh! good grief do i hate it though)
5. i have no idea
6. what any guy might think

6 things that i say all the time:
1. "Awesome!"
2. "Score!"
3. "Sweet!"
4. "Cool."
5. "Riiiiight."
6. "Thanks."

(and i know...NONE of those are original in the least, but hey, i'm honest).

6 celebrity crushes: oh goody!
1. patrick fugit
2. andrew mcmahon
3. leonardo dicaprio (yeah, i know...but he's adorable!)
4. taylor hanson (i have zero percent shame)
5. joseph fiennes
6. diego luna

6 people i am tagging:
1. nobody
2. b/c i
3. know nobody
4. on
5. this
6. site

(personally, anyways)


OH! and i have a correction (actually several) to make on the last couple of entries. that guy i kept saying was so hott in the movie "love song for bobby long" is not the dude i was talking about, i only thought he was. the dude i was REALLY referring to is the actor who plays bobby as a teenager in the movie "a home at the end of the world", a movie about the love story of two gay guys. i was severely confused as to what i was watching, i mistook "love song for bobby long" for "a home at the end of the world." i have not seen "love song" and i don't intend to, as it has john travolta in it and it looks like a dumb action movie.

granted, not all action movies are terrible, i'm just rarely in the mood for one, unless it's harry potter or something...and is harry potter an action movie? oh well, it's about as action as i get, so whatever.

good evening, chickadees...

5:45 p.m. - 2005-10-02


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