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what a weekend. what an unproductive weekend, more like. yet i have made marked improvement--i did do SOME studying this weekend, just not enough yet.

maybe i should change my major to film. oh i do love the cinema!
movies are a great impact on us, i don't think we realize it sometimes. they address issues that are often kept quiet in everyday life, they show the extremes of people and how they live. films are what we can relate to, look down upon; they are what can make us change our minds about even our deepest-rooted beliefs. Movies are life-changing even if we don't acknowledge the fact. Whatever I do in life, I do know one thing: I want to create. I don't know if I'll create for a living or simply as a hobby, but I do know I want to create in this life. If we don't invent, why live at all? I can create films, music, stories, poems...anything. What we create needs not live up to the public's opinion, though. It's up to them to make a decision on how "good" our creation is, but up to us to love and stand by our creation, not abandoning ourselves at any cost. And that's what confidence is, I think. It's doing what you do--creating who you are, creating your creations, and not being ashamed of them. Don't back down.
Figure what you were born to do, and do it.
Don't be afraid to die trying; Timothy Treadwell did and he died happy. Isn't that what we all want? To die happy? I should think so...

now i just need to figure out what i was born to do. i have hunches, but i feel afraid. what should i do with my life? now is a time to decide,
and i seem unable to make a decision.

1:51 a.m. - 2005-10-03


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