backyard crowing


whatever. i know i suck.

i'm having fun experimenting with this whole layout thing.
the funny thing is as soon as i changed this layout, i found one i like ten times better. oh, well. i'll do this for a while and then decide to change it.

i met with cousin barbara today! what fun. we went to wendy's, and i had never been to that location before. i'm so glad she's outgoing, i wasn't exactly sure what to say to her. yay for their not being too much awkwardness. gosh i am the queen of it sometimes.

i really ought to do some homework now, my anthropology test is tommorow, after all. i got 12 hours of sleep last night, though--that was superb! i got home and fell asleep at 6:35. then i woke up five hours later and took a shower. then at 12:30 (yes, that's a half hour after midnight) i went back to sleep and woke back up and 10:37 this morning. unfortunately i didn't set my alarm clock right, and missed the one class i have today (french conversation).
i suck. yes, i know this. i'm trying to recover.


mom may or may not come for parents weekend, we'll see.
yesterday christa emailed me (that's christa from Christians on Campus). God just doesn't let off, does he? That's what's so awesome about Him! Anyways now i've gotta write back to her. she thinks my cell phone has been out of order when really i've just not called her back. what am i gonna say? will she be offended b/c i haven't stayed in touch? i really don't have time for much extracurricular stuff at all. come on, i just failed 3 out of 4 of my first four tests. my fifth will be tommorow.

Astronomy - 63 or so, i can't remember exactly
Biology - 61 i think
Literature - 35

again, this is precisely why i suck. why did i transfer here? do i belong here? i'm not so sure i'm happy.

French - 98.5

that makes me happy. ;)

2:46 p.m. - 2005-10-04


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