backyard crowing


bor(e)ing day

Listening to: Jazzmusique, an internet station
sounds interesting so's like an indian rain dance with a techno beat!

Is there anything in this world I truly want to do, or do I simply hope so?

I should stop reading people's diaries, I think it influences how I write. I think I've been trying to write witty, entertaining passages lately and perhaps that defeats the purpose of having a diary I won't show anyone.
I should go look at Chris's diary. I'm curious to see how he's readjusting to Florida. Then again, he has been there for quite a while, since May.

i need to go to an astronomy study session, catch ya later.
i went to french conversation and that was about all. a boring day, but that's okay. oh yeah, and my cellphone has "gone to crap", in the words of elyse. man i miss her.

4:48 p.m. - 2005-10-06


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