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they were gonna go to acl but canceled! oh, well. i wouldn't have been able to see them, anyway.

i had a french test today, and showed up two or three minutes late. i did awesome on the dictee though! i don't think i made even one error, excluding maybe an accent mark or two. when i walked out of the dorm this morning, it was...COLD!!! Yay! Woot! Hallelujah! Hooray! Whoopie! Yahoo!

(i'm ecstatic, i've always lived in south texas).
and now i'm in mid texas! sweet.

so this weekend is the big game--ut vs. ou in dallas. i wonder if jimmy went. ruthie has gone home, but she's not going to the game. she'll go to the fair, same with my new friend sarah, in anthropology. her (sarah) plan is to get a degree in anthro and then a master's in ethnomusicology, which one cannot get a degree in. one must first major in anthro and then move on to ethnomusicology. that sounds fascinating! maybe i should major in music or something. i mean, come on, i'm completely obsessed with it. why not?

i think there are some things that one must appreciate but not know much about. for some people, music is what captures their interest, but not fully. they are avid listeners, yet they do not know the mechanics, or at least very few of them. then you have the music freaks, who study and love damn near every aspect of music. those are the music majors. i can't decide whether or not i can be that music freak, or that film freak, or that french freak. i don't know what is for me.

and then here lies another question of mine, and my dad has asked me it a couple of times:
do you love french because you love studying it, or do you love french because of where you can go with it? in other words, does french appeal to you more because you're a travelin' woman, or because you genuinely enjoy the language?

my reply to my father was:
i love them equally! i love travelling to foreign countries, and i'd love to live in france or quebec or belgium or switzerland, but i certainly don't see learning french as just a travel opportunity! i do love french itself, and french class. i love studying the culture, the history, and famous french people like laclos and marie curie and louis pasteur. i am truly a francophile--there is little about this country that doesn't make me curious. (i tend to hate their poppy music, but that's one of the few negatives about france). foreign language is something that i am fairly good at, it's something i catch on to. not everyone enjoys foreign language, but i revel in it. i suppose part of the reason i like french so much is because it makes me feel unique. there are about 80 french majors here at ut, which is miniscule when you compare that to the whopping 50K students who attend school here. i am one of a kind as a french major. when people ask me what i'm studying and i say, "french", they are usually surprised at the randomness of it, and assume i want to be a teacher. ha. well, maybe they're right. perhaps i will end up a teacher, but i won't without a fight. teaching is something i can't see myself doing for a lifetime like some people do. i'd love to become an interpreter or a translator, and then perhaps retire from that and get my teaching certificate and then teach. but becoming a college professor would be a whole different story. teaching high school and teaching college are two completely different jobs, and i think perhaps being a professor for a long time would be not so painless. (i KNOW it would be less painless than an extended period of time working in a high school). why? because high school kids don't care as much as college kids, silly.

wow it's way too late. i just addressed my nonexistent audience as "silly".
this is clear evidence that i need sleep.
bonne nuit, mes amis.

1:56 a.m. - 2005-10-08


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