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hello, clairol!

i finally decided to take the plunge. i have purchased a semi-permanent haircolor (clairol's spiced tea, to be exact), and tommorow will figure out how to apply it. i'm too tired to be trusted with haircolor at the moment. and screw the allergy test, i'm not gonna wait 48 hours to be the 28-day redhead i've always wanted to be. i don't have any other allergies, why should clairol make me itch?

i guess that's the invincibility mom seems to think i feel. oh well.
i'm willing to risk it.

if mom comes she'll see my hair 3 weeks after the operation, so most of it should have faded by then, but enough will show so that she will know what i've done...but i'll probably tell her anyway. i don't see any reason not to, she wouldn't kill me. it might be fun to keep it a secret, though--just to see how she reacts. depending how deep the red is at that point, she may do a double take or take a few minutes to notice. i miss her!

last time i talked with her was cut short, i think i mentioned that little phone encounter in an earlier entry. the conversation went smoothly, we talked about anything and everything, hoping she wouldn't ask about my grades. i started talking very enthusiastically about physical anthropology, which i'm extremely interested in at the moment (lemurs!) and she eventually interrupted with, "so how are your grades so far?", or some question like that. i took my time, sighed, whatever. i talked for a while about my grades, but she wasn't responding. at the end of my bumbling speech about how it "wasn't so bad", i heard no response, and so naturally panicked. "mom? mom? well?", i spoke to the silence. i was for the first time saved by the cellphone, it had ran out of batteries for me and it hasn't healed since. thank you, motorola! i never thought i'd be happy my cell phone went to crap. whooooooosh! i'm still a bit nervous, though. there's a chance that she heard me say, "i failed both of them" at the beginning of my speech, but then again i don't know...i don't know how much she knows! ugh.

daniel stone is a boy in my astrology class. he is a boy i wish i knew.

as a matter of fact, i wish i knew anyone at all in this crazy city.
he would be an especially nice acquaintance, though.
here's to you, daniel who is shy like me!
maybe he'll notice my spiced tea hair...nope, he won't. that's okay, though.

12:46 a.m. - 2005-10-09


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