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the beauty of film

i watched the first episode of TransGeneration online today, it's a sundance show following four transgendered students on their different journeys. some are taking hormones, some are considering the hormones, and some will go through with sugery. each show is 1 hour long, and there are eight shows. unfortunately we don't get sundance here in the dorms, so episode one is all i will be able to see. it's certainly an interesting show, not like any documentary i've ever seen. the four people are genuine and are at different stages in their quest to become the opposite sex. some of them are open about who they are, while others try and cover it up, worrying that they may be found out. it's amazing how much one of the guys looks like a girl, i would not be able to tell unless someone gave me a clue. and i think college is hard...
well, it is, even for the straight folks. but good night i can't begin to fathom what challenges transgendered people must face in college, which is why this show is so fascinating. film teaches us about who we are, and it gives us something to identify with, but it also shows us who we are not, and how to understand and accept others for who they are. and that my friends is the beauty of film!


i worked out and went to jamba juice yesterday. that's about it.
oh yeah, and mom is coming to visit in two weeks! yay.

7:36 p.m. - 2005-10-15


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