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1st Time to Give Blood!

i burned 650 calories today, just lying down. i saved 3 lives.
i gave blood for the first time!
i feel good (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh) i knew that i would. i just decided it was time. it didn't hurt as badly as i thought it would!

some guy from the fraternity (it's co-ed) that organized the blood drive came over to see how i was doing. i was nervous, and i'm sure i displayed my concern with wide eyes. his face was refreshing, especially since the nurse was walking around tending to the other donors and i was afraid of being left alone, pumping away. we had some small talk ("What's your major? Is this your first time giving blood? Are you doing okay?"), and then he left and said he'd come by a little later. the next time he stopped by i was a little closer to filling my bag completely, but i still felt fine. a girl was with him then, so of course i assumed he was her girlfriend, and took a genuine interest in her major (advertising), etc., so as not to seem rude, or a flirt. she was nice, but like him, i forgot her name. he left a second time, and after i finished, i took a seat on a bench to chill out. he came over to me a third time to see how i was doing, and we had a bit more small talk, this time a bit more awkward, but still nice. then a smiling giant red drop of blood wandered over to us and coaxed him to go advertise blood donation over by the gym. so, he was off. i don't know whether or not it was the same girl as before, but i don't think it was. that means only one of those two girls could be his girlfriend, if he has one, which means he's sought after. anyways...i am such a weirdo.

antonia - my nurse's name (actually i think she's not a full nurse, she said she was a medical assistant)
at least i remembered someone's name.

i signed in at 7:25 and was back in my dorm by about 8:45, so it took a bit longer than i had expected (they told me 25 minutes), but i wasn't about to arrive somewhere late, so all was well.

i also dropped anthropology today, took two tests (one in bio and one in literature) and went to an astronomy study session. i was a busy girl today.

9:11 p.m. - 2005-10-19


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