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i tape the ballad of jack and rose

today i woke up at 11:20 and haven't done much since. the ballad of jack and rose comes on at 10pm, so i'm going to tape it!!!

i'm so happy right now. i'm feeling good, i really am. i love austin.
i think i wrote this before, but i think if there's anywhere in the US i'd like to spend considerable time living in, it would be NYC or here. i've always wanted to be a new yorker. what a life that must be! even if i only lived there a year or so, i would be glad to have done it.

i still haven't reddened my hair yet, i'm being so lazy in that regard. honestly i'm sure the process itself isn't too difficult, i just don't feel like reading it all at the moment.

i'm going to go write a french paper. i have a test on wednesday in that class.

also, cristy told me about the UTLC (ut learning center) and study buddy program. unfortunately there are no drop-in or private tutoring programs available to me, as i am not in any of the right classes to get help from the utlc. (i would have to be in physics/chemistry/math/some other stuff to get help at that place). however, three of my classes have study buddies (bio and astronomy and french), so we'll see. i think the goal of the study buddy program is that the people in it live near here. il me faut look into it.

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8:45 p.m. - 2005-10-23


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