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trey anastasio, you ROCK ALL SOCKS!

i got a 60 on my literature test. at least it's no 35, but i still need to show signs of major improvement to get that C. ugh.

i've studied quite a bit for french today, i have a test tommorow.

i feel bad because i didn't call grandma when she sent that last check. i deposited it and everything, i just forgot to call she called me today. i really feel bad about that, but i know she's okay. not especially pleased, but okay. i mean good grief it's a lot of money they give me every month, the least i could do is call. i kept avoiding calling her, i'm not even quite sure why. probably partly because of my grades, but also because sometimes i'm not exactly sure what to say. and i don't know, my e-mails to her are never too interesting. she's genuinely interested in what's going on in my life, but if she asks me about it, i'm not sure where to begin. what do you tell a grandmother? most days i'm at a loss for words. she told me to go to church. i had better at some point, i guess. i wonder if dad went to church as a collegiate. (is that gramatically correct? oh well...)

i've discovered a new favorite singer: Trey Anastasio. i never listened to Phish, which was where he started, but that's because i was much too young to care about bands. anyway Phish broke up, and he was their lead singer. now he rocks out on his own.

he is also a daniel look alike, which adds awesomeness.

i am now listening to his new CD called "Shine" on VH1, it's free right now because it hasn't come out yet. it's great music, i love it!

darn you, VH1, you make me need CDs!


i don't think mom would approve of my being a teacher, just because they don't make very much money. she wouldn't say this, but i think it's how she feels. i don't want to be a teacher in the first place, but quite possibly a professor. she certainly wouldn't prevent me from teaching high school/jr. high french, but i doubt she'd love it, until she got used to it. i'm doing the "it" thing, where i write "it" every few words. IT annoyed professor wilhite to no end. his theory went, "why use the word 'it' when you can be creative and come up with something else?" or something like that. meh.

i think adam asked me out the other night. i declined, he had drunk at least three beers at that point. even if he was sober the answer would still be "no". sorry, pal, i just could never date you. i'm happy i've said no, too, and that i never called that brian guy back. i'm not going to always jump into relationships like i did last summer. there are plenty of men in the world, and as of now, i've been asked out a few times so i know i can't be completely undesirable. i'm going to make a list to bring myself some happiness.

1. cord (sort of)
2. zach
3. chris
4. john
5. adam
6. guy named brian
7. other adam (i'm pretty sure that was him asking me out)

so there you have it. seven guys have wanted my company apart from all the others. i can't be completely mental.

a boyfriend is not a good idea as i am still failing my classes, and i am so fat right now so it would be hard to catch one anyway. i am the elyse this time, i suppose. i don't know if i ever appreciated what she was going through. God I miss you Elyse!

9:13 p.m. - 2005-10-25


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