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Take the quiz: "What Star Wars Character Are You?"

Obi-Wan Kenobi
You are a level headed person who uses the Force to compliment your natural talent

Take the quiz: "What O.C. Character are you most like?"

You can be very sarcastic but you're loved by the people who matter. You know just what to say to cheer up you friends.

Take the quiz: "What that 70s show character are you?"

You are donna.

Take the quiz: "Which Dead Rock Star Are You?"

Joey Ramone
You are Joey Ramone! Hey, ho, lets go! Yeah, you're a happy little one, aren't you? Joey was dying and yet he did a cover of What A Wonderful World. You can't get more poppy than that. A hero, you are. Oh, he died in 2001 from cancer, poor guy.

Take the quiz: "Which rock chick are you? (girls only plz, pictures!)"

Gwen Stefani
You're Gwen, you have your own style and you don't give a fuck what other people think of you. you're into the more pop/rock music, and you have a strange liking for japanese style.. stuff.. good for you :)
Take the quiz: "What instrument are you?"

You are a Bass. My kind of person. You hold things in place because that is your job you are the most important member of the band. People do not give you enough credit they should but they don't.
Take the quiz: "What is your band? (KICK ASS PICS!)"

Taking back Sunday
You love your music! Taking back sunday is a great band to listen to if your depressed. They make me cry so if your ever feeling down CHECK EM OUT!
Take the quiz: "Which sexy rock star is your lover?"

Bert McCracken
BERT! THAt is one SEXY man and if you disagree you are an unfortunate soul because you two would make a good match
Take the quiz: "What Band's Symbol are You?"

Nine Inch Nails' Symbol
Nine Inch Nails' symbol represents you best. You are simple, but also unique. You like music that is different, but also music that has well thought out lyrics. Rock on!
Take the quiz: "What Harry Potter hottie would fall for you?? (GREAT PICS!!!)"

Ron Weasley
Your a goofy person. Your good friends with loads of ppl, and sometimes get in trouble, your red head gives you a bit of a temper, but not always, give up that grudge soon!!!!
Take the quiz: "Which Famous Novel Are You? (Pictures)"

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
(By; Jules Verne) You look for adventure where ever it may be. People love to be around you due to your imaganitve ways to create exciting stories.
Take the quiz: "What crazy ass poet are you? (pics)"

Sylvia Plath
You are Sylvia Plath. You killed yourself while raising small children, shame on you! How selfish. Very accomplished poet in her early years, but then started getting rejection letters after a while. You write what you feel and your work is not hard to figur out. You are very intelligent and take glory in getting awards. You need acceptance to feel good you need to love yourself. Get that Scorpio self-confidence that you have deep inside! You might have not killed yourself. Whatever you will do in life will be discovered and celebrated after you are dead.
Take the quiz: "What 90s Rock Band Are You Like"

The Stone Temple Pilots
despite what alot of people say, you are not a rip off of alice in chains nor pearl jam. you are as laid back as they come. rock on you non sell out original
Take the quiz: "Are you Good Charlotte, Simple Plan or My Chemical Romance??"

Good Charlotte!!
Congrats you are the very sexy Good Charlotte. You have Identical twins Benji and Joel!! You love hanging out with your good friends simple plan and are capable of having a laugh.

That 70's show
Okay, so your life is a little out there. Overall, you have a good life, but it doesn't seem that way because your family's kooky and your friends are very sarcastic people. Your life's a comedy and you should consider making a reality tv show out of it, it'd sell.
Take the quiz: "What type of -goth- are you?"

Loner Goth
You like to be alone. Sometimes you like to chill with a small group of friends, but usually you're just by yourself. You're mysterious and private
Take the quiz: "Which European city should you live in?(with pix!!!!!)***GIRLS ONLY!!***"

You are a sucker for anything that is Spanish!!!You adore their hot music,their dancing bars,where you can dance then night away with some funny guy that knows all the steps,and is willing to help you learn them too.....You adore their history and the Spanish language!MADRID is your dream city!!
Take the quiz: "Are you Texas, California, or Florida?"

you are hip and trendy, and you dont like really hot summers
Take the quiz: "What love poem are you?"

John Wilbye- Love Not Me: Love not me for comely grace, For my pleasing eye or face; Nor for any outward part, No, nor for my constant heart: For those may fail or turn to ill, So thou and I shall sever. Keep therefore a true woman's eye, And love me still, but know not why; So hast thou the same reason still To doat upon me ever.
wow! i LOVE that poem! i have a new favorite.
Take the quiz: "What Social Group are you in?"

Your a Goth
You hate everything, you are always in the dark and worship things that normal do not. You hang around ppl who want to kill everything that is happy.
Take the quiz: "What Song Will They Play At Your Funeral? ((PIX!!))"

Candle In The Wind by Elton John
Based on Marilyn Monroe and also sung at Princess Di's funeral, this ballad is a tribute to every little girl in all of us. And it will be sung for you, no matter how beautiful or wealthy you are, because all little girls are princesses.
Take the quiz: "What Band Are You? (Good Bands)"

Avenged Sevenfold (A7x)
Yes! My favorite band A7x kicks ass!
Take the quiz: "What teen celebrity are you?"

your a punk that cant quit smoking
sweet!!!! i got avril!!!!!!
Take the quiz: "Which Famous Artist are You?"

You are a dreamer, and love the outdoors. You prefer watercolors and are in touch with your emotional side. You enjoy nature and excell at being at one with the earth.

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