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i've got no class

listening to: the soundtrack of chicago!
"Mr. Cellophane"

man, i love this cd!

i'm thinking about going to see "Capote" tonight at dobie mall. truman capote is (or was, i don't know if he's dead) a gay author who wrote an acclaimed nonfiction book called "In Cold Blood." he knew nelle harper lee (the author of "To Kill A Mockingbird", one of my favorite books) personally when they were kids. it's funny how many great authors know each other. ex: thoreau and whitman. i think they knew each other, anyway. perhaps i'm thinking about someone else. i am certain thoreau and emerson knew each other, though. anyways...

we're reading huck finn at the moment.

mom sent me a package, it came in the mail two days ago. i need to call her back, she has called me twice since i got it. i have to tell her about my bio and english grades. (60 and 59).

"there ain't no ladies now, there's only pigs...nobody's got no no one even says 'oops' when they're passing their gas...every guy is a snot...what a shame what became of class?"

2:29 p.m. - 2005-10-28


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