backyard crowing


we be tape recordin'

i have "sandra d" in my head from grease in my head.'s ANNOYING.

we had a brief storm come in at around 2ish.
unfortunately it didn't last. no monsoon for me, so i had to go to my litterature discussion section. it wasn't very painful this time though, and we don't have section monday, which is nice.

i asked the TA if i could tape record our discussion sections in the future, and he obliged, noting that i would need to speak with professor if i wished to tape his sections. but it was an odd interaction afterwards, he said something like, "See you next time, Janeane", and I replied with "See you next time......Eric." Notice that pause? Yeah. That was awkward. Perhaps I should not have called him by his first name, or perhaps I should have left his name off altogether, since I couldn't manage to think of it right away. Ahhhhhhhh!
i've got no class.

i had better go work on my french project due tommorow. it's about french music!!! sweet!!! what could be better? NOTHING, i tell you!
french and music are my favorite things in this "big noisy world"!

(the quote is from the movie "A Home At the End of the World").

oh yeah, and this is halloween. apparently sixth street is supposed to be buzzing tonight, and i've already seen several people in costume throughout the day. dad warned me against going to sixth street! ha. cristy said her philosophy prof wore a werewolf mask and had to take it off halfway through the lecture because it became too hot.

i really really really want to go see that new elijah wood indie movie. i have forgotten its title.

goodbye already!

6:55 p.m. - 2005-10-31


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