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parent's weekend

This weekend was parent's weekend in burndt orange land. My roommate's female parental unit and several of her other relatives came up from the itsy bitsy Roma, Texas. I didn't actually meet any of them, but felt awkward not having done it. I was brushing my teeth this morning when I heard the meddling of her keys in the lock. She opened the door smilingly, saying, "My family's here!" I, just getting my bearings and preparing to be suave and genial, looked up and quickly removed the toothpaste from my chin. They seemed nice--there were three of them, I think--one lady and two men. I'm sure the woman was her mother, the guy her stepfather (or soon to be stepfather, I can't remember which), and the younger guy would be her brother, but who's to know? I thought perhaps I should dive in and just introduce myself, like any normal outgoing person would, but I am not the normal outgoing person. In fact, I am not outgoing at all!

Just ask my mother.

- 2005-10-30


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