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Rent, Thanksgiving, and the number 20

This November 23 the musical Rent is coming out as a movie, and my aunt, mother and self will go out and see it soon after its release, we're all pumped about it. It is also the would-be 20th anniversary of my parents marriage, it's my aunt's birthday, and it's Thanksgiving Eve. Who knew one day could be so many things to us?

I wonder how mom feels about this. I told her about how aunt joyce reminded me in our chat over the internet that the 23rd was the day my parents got married, usually I forget what day my parents' anniversary is, I can never remember. I hope I didn't make her sad by mentioning it. I think I forget that maybe she misses him a little. I guess I take for granted that they loved each other a lot at one time, and they honestly thought they were "the one" for each other. I know there were some good times. I should take this into account, I should think about her feelings more.

Maybe it's just because it's her would-be twentieth anniversary, so it's somehow more emotional. I mean, they never thought they wouldn't be together on their 20th anniversary until they divorced.

Or maybe she hated me saying "your anniversary" over the phone, since it's not really her anniversary anymore...or at least it won't be celebrated.

I need to remember to think about how they're feeling and cheer them up when I come home.

2:08 a.m. - 2005-11-05


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