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i have listened to 16 chapters of huck finn, and i'm moving on.

i have downloaded some music from itunes, and i'm going to try to not do anymore damage, as every song (99 cents) adds up. it just occurs to me, i'm not sure there's a button for the word "cent". i sure as hell can't find it.

got an email from grandma, and i usually do. she's sweet like that--always leaving us emails. unfortunately i am not much of a replier, but i really should become one.
one what?
one replier, that is.

i really am going crazy. anywho, she was wondering if we had all gotten our passports. i wonder if i'll go after all, i wonder if i'm ALLOWED to go after all. it's likely the time has past for me to go with them. oh, well. ...i'd like to go, though, seeing as i won't be in france next year...

snap out of it. i'll be quite contented to stay at home--i could even practise my french while they're abroad, knowing someday i'll be there for the rest of my life!

andre is over, and we're all studying--he for the GRE, cristy for psych, and i for literature. i'm taking a break by writing to you.

i bought a coffee thing, i can't decide if i'll use it tonight or tommorow morning. how would it be more beneficial? perhaps i'll just buy a second tommorow and have double the caffeine.

i feel so bloated. pop me, somebody.
i'm on the dot.

does horniness come with one's time of the month? i wouldn't be surprised.

i'm listening to Brick's "Dazz".

i miss elyse's relient k...but not her shania twain. i hope she's well.

i wonder if adam is still working at wally world.


you gotta hand it to black people, they sure can make music!

dude, guys don't date girls like me. i'm the one sitting in the corner, trying not to be seen. i belong in another era? hmph. i suppose i could be the quiet, subdued, subservient woman. that would suck, though.

"there's nothing better than
do you like my sweater?"
-"Sadie Hawkin's Dance", Relient K, harry and the potters is pretty much out of the question for tommorow night. i so want to be there, though! even if it were alone.

10:09 p.m. - 2005-11-06


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