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keeping crazy hours

i think i did well on my literature test yesterday--i pulled a genuine all-nighter, i didn't hit the pillow at all. at four pm yesterday i gave in, though, and then woke up again about an hour ago. i'm going to try and go back to sleep again, if nothing else for my roommate's sake. my head hurts and i'm not sure why. i would think sleeping for nine hours would cure most any headache, but apparently not. and i woke up with this headache! i don't think i had it when i went to bed! oh, well.

i had a weird dream, i'm trying to remember it. i think mom was in it.
when i woke up (about an hour ago, like i said), i washed my face and went to the bathroom, and found myself explaining the mirror what Kemah is. mmmkay.

i'm thinking about home and the sound of the our water cooler and the dogs' nails scraping against the kitchen floor and it would be nice to be back there awhile.

2:41 a.m. - 2005-11-08


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