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My Bridges

There are riots in France right now, but I'm not going to write about them here since I know nothing about them and couldn't give you an opinion on them.
I do know that only ONE person has died so far, which is astounding as the riots started in Paris and have slowly popped up in places across the country. Of course, 0 deaths is ideal, but in riots like this we're lucky to have only one I suppose.

"Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words"
-Rise Against's "Swing Life Away"

sometimes i feel like this lyric, like i just want to unwrite the pages of this diary, make it so none of this has happened, and start anew. i want to mean what i write and write what i mean. i don't know that i can accurately express myself in words, be they spoken or written, and I think when I get angry my writing suffers. perfection isn't art though, honesty is art.

i wonder what i will listen to when i am old. will i listen to what i listen to now? will i eventually afford an ipod and listen to that until i croak? surely music technology will have leaped by the time i am so old--or hopefully anyways, if i want to live long.

listening to: sting's greatest hits album, mom burned it for me

went to an astronomy study session today--daniel was there, as usual.
i really want to talk to him, but i'm trying my best to ignore his presence altogether. i must remember i likely creep him out and i don't want him to feel uncomfortable.

tommorow if that gay guy in my french conversation class asks us if we're up for a round of coffee at starbucks, i'm going. 'nuff said. he's a fun open person, and nothing is better than frappucinos and french freaks! it's official, i'm going next time he volunteers it, and i hope it's tommorow. i'm lonely and looking for friends i need to "faites un effort", as one of sophie's family told me.

"...they dance alone..."
I'm tired of dancing alone. I need people, whether I want to admit it or not. I want to have friends, I feel out of place and like an island slowly sinking further into the ocean, soon to be forgotten altogether. I'm looking for my bridges.

1:32 a.m. - 2005-11-10


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