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motorcycle chase dream

today i napped for five hours and had (another!) dream. there were again four characters, three girls and a guy. the girls had all done something wrong--one had robbed a bank, one had gotten a few speeding tickets, and one had done something else, although i can't remember why. i was all three of the girls, i think. or maybe i was only the two whose wrongs i could remember. anyways a cop or something like one was chasing the girls with a blow dryer, and they were genuinely frightened, trying to escape. then we (or I, representing all three) found three vehicles, one of them was a motorcycle but i can't remember what the other two were. we got on these vehicles and sped away, leaving him in the dust. he couldn't find a vehicle but continued to chase us just the same. we outran him.

- 2005-11-15


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