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well, it's exactly midnight. today is the 20th of november, and it's a sunday spent in a scraping-the-sky building called jester. i think i will rename my building now, to make it seem more like home. what will i call this place? jester-o-rama. the jestermobile. janeane's. chez janeane.

i think it would be so fun to make a podcast with some friends. no, not fun, incredible. we could do it weekly during the summer--and we'd gather 5-7 friends and just chat it up about whatever in the world is on our mind, and each person could research (although i hesitate to use the word "research", since it would be fun) a news topic of their choice by reading at least two articles on it. then we could come on that one day a week and chat for a half hour or so on these topics. we could have segments, and a show name, and we could play music from local unheard of bands (since they would be the ones most likely to let us play their stuff). wow...that would be completely AWESOME! i started to talk to dad about it, since he's such a techie and would probably help me out, but he was in a restaurant with buddies as usual so i'll do some more research before our long car ride. who would be in the group? hmmm...
1. lauren, if she even remembers me (j/k, i know she wouldn't forget--she's the funniest person i know personally)
2. krista
3. lisa
4. christy
5. erin
6. leslie
7. moi
would they be willing to give up a half hour every week, though? hm. it's not really much to ask, although that's not including the weekly two article thing, and transportation and a likely lengthy orientation meeting thing of some sort. i'm also thinking i want to have:
1. a joke section--not necessarily jokes we made up ourselves, but it could be something funny that we saw on the internet/heard from somebody else
2. a "news of the weird" section, where we would inform people of and discuss some strange news item
3. something i think would make the show work best: no two people should research the same topic, we don't want things to get boring, or the twins to copy off of each other--which brings me to the question i have in the back of my head which is would they talk much? would they enjoy this sort of thing? well, they could always just say no...and perhaps they probably would. maybe their mom would advise them against it. grrr...oh well.
4. we could have guest speakers and interview them. who i don't know, but we could have them. we could even ask total strangers for an interview if they're interesting enough. this would mean at least one person would need to create questions for the interviewee. the interviews could be on the topic of anything.
5. would we need to have weekly meetings for the group? i feel like the less involvement this thing requires, the better off we are at keeping people coming back. then again, the more time we spend as a group, the better our show will be--although there needs to be a certain amount of spontaneity during the recordings themselves, i want this to feel relaxed, like audiocrush.
6. we have to come up with a name for the program. my first thought was "Newsies." is that not the cutest name ever??? that would be sweet. would we be allowed to use that as our name, as it is the name of a musical? maybe not, i'd need to find out.
7. we could invite all of our friends and relatives to tune in, or "subscribe".....or not. i'd need to think about that beforehand.
8. cristy and erin (and the others, if they wished) could do the artwork for every episode
9. this could be like a radio version of the View, but for young women.
10. ........brainstorming away........

12:00 a.m. - 2005-11-20


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