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as i was doing the laundry last night (or 'nast light' to some people) a heavy metal thing tumbled out of the dryer as i retrieved my towels. the chunk bounced a bit and i grabbed in its general vicinity. when i picked it up i discovered a gigantic class ring, with a pretty white fake stone inside. naturally, i gasped and said "oh no!", as i have had my own trials with a lost class ring. its owner was a 'thomas' who according to the ring took drama during high school and so when i left the laundry room i asked the people in the hallway if they were or knew a thomas. they pointed to a room down the hall, and i knocked on its door. not surprisingly, no one answered as i rapped late on a friday evening. i then returned to my room to put my towels down and find an envelope for the ring. unfortunately my roommate wasn't present and i had no envelope, so after some deliberation took one of hers. my pink glittery pen inked a message across the front: "Hey--found this in the dryer. People told me it was yours. -Janeane." i then added a smiley face as a nice gesture and my room number, and sealed the envelope. maybe he would come back and thank me later. when i tried to slip the envelope under his door i found the crease wasn't near big enough, and when i tried slipping it behind his door's whiteboard i worried someone might have itchy palms. so naturally i took it home again, and after a few minutes of lingering curiosity, i ripped apart the envelope and tried on the jewel. i locked the door--if cristy came in i would hear her key in the lock and have time to hide the ring. i liked wearing it, i felt like i was married or taken or going steady with this boy i have never seen. what a thrill it must be to have a guy give you his ring, oh i do love pretending. i found him on facebook and looked at some of his pictures. his profile says he's gay (of course) and his picture says i think i saw him in the study room one night. i guess when i found the ring i hoped i might meet the guy behind it and fall in love. that's lame and i know it. but maybe it's still God-sent. on that night that i saw him and his friend i wanted to be a part of them, they made a big impression on me and i remember wishing i was one of them. they spoke of things that mattered to me, and very matter-of-factly and wittily. is wittily a word? it is now, i suppose. anyhow hopefully he will turn out to be a friend.

and i've been wondering lately if rich people are more likely to be gay, or if many gay people happen to be rich. i can't think of any gay guys i know who aren't rich, and i wonder if there's anything to that. then again, most gay guys dress up and groom themselves, so perhaps that's part of it. maybe i just see their outward appearance and assume they have money. but really, the gay guys that i know wear labels. i would be extremely curious to see if anyone researches this possible correlation between sexual preference and income, then again i'm potentially way off.

also, today sophie (my french host sister) sent me an email inviting me to join hi5, which is quite similar to facebook except it's more international. i also found renaud! crazy, i tell you! i may also have found a girl named marie who came with the frenchies, but i need to look back at my pictures to make sure it's the right girl. i'm pretty sure i've seen that face, though. and i wrote sohpie a note, hopefully she'll reply fairly quickly.

not many people from my high school are on hi5, but i did find cody, as well as his profile which says he is interested in men! wow. seems like most guys i have crushes on are gay, or they will be sometime in the future. i have a feeling dad thinks i'm going to tun homophobic just because of this trend, which absolutely makes me sick. he may not think that, but i wouldn't for a second deem it impossible.

it's 6:40 am right now in france, and i just went to a website where you can view the eiffel tower with a webcam. the picture refreshes every 1 second. what a peaceful image. i wish i was there now, it's snowy and 8 degrees celsius, which is around 40 degrees farenheit. i'm never underwhelmed with views of paris, i've bookmarked that site.

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