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went to french conversation, my 10 o'clock class, and presented shakily the "enlumineurs", or illuminated drawings of ancient manuscripts, to my fellow students. i'm not entirely sure they understood what i was saying, but at least i did, and so did the instructor. thursday morning we have a party, it will be sadly our last meeting, but i'm glad then i only have three classes to worry about, and if i can get a high enough grade on this astronomy test friday i can skip its final! that will mean i need only study for two finals--french and english--and i usually don't study for french anyway, except for this last chapter when we learned the subjunctive.

i feel really rather raped that i didn't know the subjunctive before, now i find myself needing to perfect the mood and leave my bad habits (which i wasn't even aware of) somewhere impossible to find again.

- 2005-12-06


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