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Blaine & Jane, cont'd.

cont'd. from the last entry:

* jane's eyes widen and she gets off of the chair and walks a couple of feet away
* jane continues to dance in front of him a little longer
(0:33) * Blaine strokes his cock openly watching his jane
(0:33) * Blaine loves that she's teasing him
* Jane notices his stroking and decides maybe it's about time
(0:34) * Blaine "it must be just as hard for you, because i know how badly you want this inside of you"
* jane shakes her hips in front of his, but she is now reduced down to shaking
* jane's dancing skills have greatly deteriorated since the beginning of their little time together
* jane goes back to straddling Blaine
(0:36) * Blaine "I think you should just come over here and get this inside of you jane"
* jane can't resist, and couldn't agree more
(0:36) * Blaine holds his cock up by the base
* jane situates herself over him
(0:36) * Blaine "slide down on me sweetie, take this up inside of you"
* jane gulps and takes him inside of her
* jane sighs at the feel of him hard around the lining of her pussy
(0:37) * Blaine groans as he feels his cock penetrating her luscious pussy once again
(0:38) * Blaine "god you feel so good around me jane"
* jane whimpers back at him, "Oh Blaine...oh Blaine this couldn't be better"
* jane uses her muscles to squeeze his cock as tightly as she can
(0:40) * Blaine groans out at this, using his hands to move jane's hips around on his, his cock probing deep inside her
* jane closes her eyes and concentrates only on getting this right
* jane loves how sensitive and beautiful the head of Blaine's cock is, loves the feel of it moving in and out of her chamber
(0:43) * Blaine's cock is being squeezed so well by jane
(0:43) * Blaine "god you're so wet... it feels so good"
* jane pinches and grabs at him, never wanting him to escape
* jane takes his neck in her hands and kisses from its base up to his lips
(0:46) * Blaine meets jane's kiss and slides his tongue around hers
(0:46) * Blaine starts slowly moving his hips in a rhythm, pressing them against jane's in an effort to move his cock within her
* jane breathes heavily
* jane gasps at how wonderfully he gyrates with her, and her eyes widen in shock
* jane exhales loudly
(0:48) * Blaine has his hands on jane's hips, lifting her off of his cock slightly, before relaxing and letting her slide back down it
* jane swallows at this and whispers to him, "Where did you learn to do this?!"
* jane "Mmm...oh geez..."
(0:51) * Blaine "i guess some animal behaviours are just innate" smiling slyly
* jane "I want to do this every night with you, forget three times a week!"
(0:51) * Blaine lifts jane again but this time holds her and starts thrusting his hips up into her
* jane is genuinely surprised at this sudden change of motion, and shudders feeling him speed up
* jane cries out in her ecstasy
(0:53) * Blaine loves making his jane feel that good and increases the pace a bit
* jane's whole body is tingling and she feels high as a kite
* jane needs this kind of thing more often
[jane] are you there?
[jane] ugh! crazy machines
(0:55) [Blaine] what happened babygirl
* jane grinds into him, loving every minute of it
[jane] i got kicked off, mister
(0:56) * Blaine pushes his face against jane's breasts, licking and sucking at her nipples as hungrily as he is now fucking her
* jane loves it when he calls her babygirl
* jane "Keep it up! Oh good grief this is good..."
* jane screeches
(0:57) * Blaine lightly bites on her nipple as he drives his cock up into her pussy again and again
* jane wouldn't stop for the world
(0:57) * Blaine angles his hips so that the head of his cock is grinding against the front of his sweet jane's pussy
* jane wants him to keep hitting her spot
* jane begs him to keep doing it
(0:58) * Blaine thrusts intently against it
* jane "Blaine, that's a good boy!"
* jane "Just like that!"
(0:58) * Blaine "god i want my babygirl to come on me, do it sweetheart"
* jane can't talk anymore she is so consumed
* jane clenches around him unusually tightly to surprise him
(1:00) * Blaine is giving it to jane at a steady hard pace, loving her reactions
(1:00) * Blaine groans out when jane's pussy grabs him and gives her a hard, deep thrust of cock to retaliate
* jane cries with every thrust
* jane screams at how unexpected his retaliation was
* jane shakes wildly, positioning herself so he can best reach her spot
(1:02) * Blaine pounds it relentlessly with his big dick
(1:02) * Blaine "god you feel so good inside jane"
(1:02) * Blaine "I would never leave your pussy if i didn't have to"
* jane is still speechless, but enjoys his words despite the fact that she is concentrating on their rhythm
(1:04) * Blaine shoves his cock up into jane again and again, making sure to plant it as deep as he can inside of her each time
* jane savors the motions between them, feeling his head slide up and down inside her pussy, a rounded piece of heaven scraping against her insides
* jane opens wide as she can for him
(1:06) * Blaine is breathing so hard against jane's beautiful breasts at this point
* jane is feeling more and more intense
* jane knows this is it for her
(1:07) * Blaine is moving jane up and down on his cock, thrusting up into her as he pulls her down to him, getting so deep
* jane screams louder than ever and comes quickly
* jane is in a state of rapture
* jane wonders how Blaine is doing with all of this
(1:09) * Blaine has a big hard cock to worry about at the moment to be honest jane
(1:09) * Blaine loves the feeling of his jane coming around his cock, her pussy squeezing him
* jane's pussy is squeezing against nothing right now, two feet away from her oblivious roommate
(1:10) [Blaine] poor babygirl
(1:10) [Blaine] it probably needs to be touched so badly too
[jane] i know, it's dissapointing
[jane] i wish i could
(1:11) [Blaine] so do i
[jane] will you touch it then?
(1:11) [Blaine] i wish you could feel as good as you make me feel
(1:11) [Blaine] i think i should, it's going to distract me
[jane] go for it, please
* jane begs her Blaine
* jane "Come on Blaine, touch me!"
(1:12) [Blaine] i'll need to concentrate on my studies, not on how badly i need jane's body against mine
(1:12) [Blaine] so i should make hay while the sun shines
(1:12) [Blaine] or at least, take care of this thing while it's still big and hard
[jane] oh do take care of it!
[jane] are you serious? you really have to leave?
[jane] well okay
(1:13) [Blaine] not now
[jane] till next time then
[jane] not now?
(1:13) [Blaine] you don't understand
[jane] do you need me to lick you?
(1:13) [Blaine] if i don't touch this thing, i'll just want to later
(1:13) [Blaine] if i do
(1:13) [Blaine] i'll nip it in the bud
(1:13) [Blaine] you see?
[jane] ahhhh, okay
(1:14) [Blaine] it's the right thing for me to take care of it now
[jane] ok
[jane] are you being serious with me?
(1:14) [Blaine] instead of getting caught up in daydreaming later!
(1:14) [Blaine] yes jane
[jane] okay then!
(1:14) [Blaine] i want you so badly right now
[jane] i do you too
[jane] this was certainly faster than last time!
(1:15) [Blaine] last time was a marathon!
[jane] yeah, that was crazy
(1:15) [Blaine] it was excellent
[jane] but great
(1:15) [Blaine] i enjoyed every minute
[jane] okay well i'll leave you to take care of yourself and get some studying done
(1:16) [Blaine] oh jane
(1:16) [Blaine] unless you're tired
(1:16) [Blaine] i think i would like it a lot better if you helped me
[jane] what? no, i'm not tired
[jane] i'm willing to help
[jane] okay...are you signing off or not? i need to know
(1:16) [Blaine] are you!
(1:16) [Blaine] wow
(1:16) [Blaine] no
(1:16) [Blaine] i'm not
[jane] oh good then
[jane] no, let me help you in that case
(1:17) [Blaine] oh god i would love that
* jane is still on Blaine's lap and whispers, "What do you need, baby?"
(1:18) * Blaine "i need to cum jane, i need it so badly"
* jane "Ohhh," she whispers, "in that case I know just what to do."
* jane kneels in front of he who is sitting on the chair, breathing her hot breath all over his cock
(1:20) * Blaine shivers as soon as he feels this, hotly anticipating what's to come
* jane traces her fingertips along his pelvis, lightly tickling him
* jane looks from the floor up into his big blue eyes and asks, "Do I have the right idea?"
* jane's head cocks to one side
(1:21) * Blaine "you always do jane"
(1:22) * Blaine "but if you're going to go down there and be a good little girl, i hope you're reconsider"
* jane "Tsk, tsk, tsk! What would a bad girl do, babe?"
* jane "Show me how, hon."
(1:23) * Blaine "she would suck it hard, enjoy it and talk like a dirty girl while she did"
[jane] i just got sweat on my computer
(1:23) [Blaine] oh wow
(1:23) [Blaine] jane really IS hot
* jane envelopes her mouth around his huge hard cock, suckling it like a little baby
* jane gradually starts to suck harder and harder
* jane attends to his balls, massaging them in her soft fingers
(1:25) * Blaine groans loudly, his hand on the back of jane's head, tangled in her hair
(1:25) * Blaine "god yes jane, you suck me so good"
* jane allows her pink lips to clamp down on him and rotates
* jane pays special attention to his head, letting her teeth move up and down it
* jane swallows him now as much as she possibly can, clenching and moving up and down him
* jane bites gently on his balls, making his already wet parts even wetter with her mouth's moisture
(sent while offline) * Blaine gasps at this, a new sensation for him
[jane] dangit
[jane] i just got kicked off again oh well CONTINUE
(1:29) * Blaine hugs jane
* jane speeds up relentlessy, wanting so badly for him to come like he made her come
* jane wants to pay him back for his priceless services
* jane needs to know she will make him feel as good as he does her
(1:31) * Blaine would love nothing more than to give his little jane his thick white cum
* jane pulls him inside her mouth repeatedly
* jane slides her mouth in and out of him, feeling his excitement
(1:33) * Blaine has such a fucking hard swollen cock for jane, it's almost ridiculous
* jane thinks it's time he enters her
* jane stands up again, leaving him without pressure and stroking for a few moments as she crawls back onto him
* jane whispers, "Ok now, this is it."
(1:35) * Blaine "oh god..."
* jane takes his cock and shoves it inside her
* jane moves with him, following the speed and rhythm of his waist beneath her
(1:36) * Blaine "god jane, i'm going to let it go inside of you if you keep this up'
* jane can't wait to feel him release inside of her!
* jane "It's okay baby, I want you to..."
* jane follows every dip and turn he makes
* jane focuses on making his orgasm grow
(1:38) * Blaine is too consumed with lust
(1:38) * Blaine lifts jane and throws her down with her back on the bed, and drives himself back into her
* jane squeezes him with her pussy lips, grabbing for him without cease
(1:38) * Blaine starts pumping into her pussy again and again, desperate to give her a hot load of his cum
* jane can think of nothing else but him inside her
* jane gasps, feeling herself start to come with him
(1:40) * Blaine gives one final, deep groan and unleashes spurt after spurt of his cum inside of jane
* jane tries as hard as she can to make it good for him
* jane shrieks at the sensation of his hot juice inside of her
(1:41) * Blaine buries his cock as deep as he can as his cum floods the inside of jane's pussy
* jane shivers, crazed at his warmth
(1:43) * Blaine can't believe he just did that again
(1:43) [Blaine] wow
* jane puts her tongue in Blaine's mouth
(1:43) [Blaine] i feel... weak almost wow
[jane] did you really come?
[jane] oh wow that's awesome!
(1:44) [Blaine] yes and it's all because of you jane
* jane gulps
[jane] man i want to be there
[jane] seeing you so relaxed like this
[jane] after we've
[jane] oh man
(1:45) [Blaine] and you as well
(1:45) [Blaine] i wish i could drift off to sleep now
[jane] well i couldn't come of course because i'm not alone
[jane] but i do feel very nice
(1:46) [Blaine] i know jane
[jane] and wet
(1:46) [Blaine] one of these days though
[jane] yeah
[jane] one of these days
[jane] my eyeballs hurt from looking at this screen
[jane] my gosh it's 1:48
[jane] good morning, blaine!
[jane] blaaaaaaaine
(1:48) [Blaine] haha good morning jane
(1:48) [Blaine] jane, i had a little mess to clean up hehe
(1:48) [Blaine] again, your fault :)
[jane] ah, okay ;)
[jane] i'm glad to have made it
[jane] what is the texture of your come?
[jane] is it white like whip cream?
(1:49) [Blaine] it can be different
[jane] (or do you mind me asking)
(1:50) [Blaine] no, more like mayonnaise i guess
(1:50) [Blaine] that sounds gross
[jane] like different each time?
(1:50) [Blaine] or yogurt maybe
[jane] haha that's okay
(1:50) [Blaine] but it comes out very warm
[jane] yogurt sounds better
[jane] and it's white or clear?
(1:51) [Blaine] white and clear
(1:51) [Blaine] both
[jane] cool
(1:51) [Blaine] i think there's more than one fluid that make it up
[jane] oh that sounded lame
(1:51) [Blaine] don't worry
[jane] 'cool' -- oh good grief
[jane] haha okay i won't then
[jane] does an ounce come out? or more or less?
(1:52) [Blaine] again, sometimes it's more sometimes it's less
[jane] i can't even think of how much an ounce is
[jane] so if there's more, does it mean you felt better?
[jane] or no, not at all
[jane] or do you even bother paying attention to such silly details?
(1:54) [Blaine] it's hard to explain
(1:54) [Blaine] it's really something you can't sit there in the moment and analyse
(1:54) [Blaine] you know what i mean?
[jane] ha, yes
[jane] does it get better every time you go at it, be it with someone or without?
[jane] "better" meaning do you get more pleasure each time?
(1:56) [Blaine] that's hard to quantify
(1:56) [Blaine] some times are better than others
(1:57) [Blaine] but i don't know what makes them like that
(1:57) [Blaine] whether it's a psychological thing or physiological
(1:57) [Blaine] i've never really read a word about it
[jane] i've just heard that each time you go at it the feeling gets better
[jane] like you learn what makes you happiest or something
[jane] but i don't know
(1:58) [Blaine] that's true of sex
(1:58) [Blaine] because everybody responds to different things right
(1:58) [Blaine] so the more you learn about how your partner likes things
(1:58) [Blaine] the better it is likely to get
[jane] ok
[jane] that makes sense
[jane] are you okay now?
(1:59) * Blaine hugs jane
(1:59) [Blaine] yes, i am definitely ok
(1:59) [Blaine] are you
[jane] yeah, i'm good :)
[jane] very tired
(2:00) [Blaine] me too
(2:00) [Blaine] but i will soldier on with this
[jane] what's this?
[jane] homework
(2:00) [Blaine] history work
[jane] yeah
(2:00) [Blaine] for my exam tomorrow morning
[jane] oh gosh
[jane] yeah you had better get to that
(2:01) [Blaine] i certainly will miss jane
[jane] the missing is mutual
* jane gives Blaine a peck on the lips
(2:01) * Blaine kisses back and squeezes jane in his arms
(2:01) [Blaine] good night jane!
[jane] good night Blaine!

i'm not really sure what i want to do with my life anymore, maybe french is not the thing for me. i feel upside down these last couple of days, completely inside out and showing my true, ghastly colors. my feet need to get back on the ground again, i need a slap in the face or someone to shake me. i need a wake up call to end all wake up calls. i need God. i don't know what to do anymore, or how to do it. i am a lost soul and i just need some guidance, and positive guidance at that.


i need to stop saying "i"'s so selfish of me.

yet at the same time i was three times as giggly and loud and funloving today. when i talked to cristy i joked around with her and laughed in a way i usually don't, higher and more delighted though we weren't talking about anything outrageously funny. i guess this has loosened me up, but it doesn't make me feel any better about myself. am i a tramp?

Sting's "It's Probably Me"
"When your belly's empty
And the hunger's so real
And you're too proud to beg
And too dumb to steal
You search the city
For your only friend
No-one would you see
You ask yourself, 'Who'll Watch For Me?'
A solitary voice to speak out and set me free
I hate to say it
I hate to say it
But it's probably me"

oh, but i know it's me. there's no doubting that.

if i do indeed have a talent for writing as my former english teacher told me, then this is surely the best waste of it ever. how much more horrible can i become?

- 2005-12-11


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